Monday, March 03, 2014


It's Carnival time here in New Orleans, which is a really, really bad time to have a book coming out.
The next installment in the Sebastian St. Cyr series, Why Kings Confess, hits the stores tomorrow ... except in New Orleans, where all the bookstores will be closed for Mardi Gras!

I originally had a booksigning scheduled at Garden District Book Shop for Saturday the 15th, then we realized, Oops, that's the day of the St. Patrick's Day Parade (which is a really, really great parade here, by the way--they also throw beads). So the signing has now been rescheduled for Saturday, 29 March. We couldn't do it the 22nd because that's the weekend of the Tennessee Williams Festival. Did I mention that March is a seriously bad month for my books to be released every year?

So, even though I won't see it, tomorrow is the day!


JustWingingIt said...

I can't wait! I've been doing a series re-read (well, I started with book four so technically not a *full* re-read) and should finish up What Darkness Brings tonight. My mind is so full of Sebastian, Hero, Gibson, Tom, and Hendon that I fear I may not get any sleep tonight. I hope to stretch the reading enjoyment out for as many days as I can but I fear my willpower will fail me.


Anonymous said...

Mine is supposed to arrive sometime today. March is seriously a bad month for me as well. This week my daughter has a band concert one night and is in the school play 3 other nights. That means my mom is in town staying with us all week. I'm going to try and snatch a couple chapters here and there, but it will not be the usual quick read thru in one day so I can find out what happens. It will kill me. Have fun at Mardi Gras. Will you be making a trip to the Northwest or are you postponing it because of the kittens? Sabena

Linhie said...

All the more reason for book #10 to be release on February next year.

Waiting patiently for my pre-ordered copy to arrive. I hope it arrives some time today despite the snow storm we've had.

The parade photos looks fun, best of luck on release day tomorrow!!!

paz said...

Patiently waiting for the clock to strike twelve, and for Amazon to send me my electronic copy... Actually, I lie. I keep checking my iPad to see if they happen to have sent it to me a little early, but nooo, the sticklers!

cs harris said...

Veronica, I hope you enjoy it!

Sebena, I hate it when I have a book I want to read and life gets in the way. And I haven't heard anything about them sending me to bookstores. They're doing a rather expensive BookBub ad next week, and I think after agreeing to that, everything else got put on hold.

Linhie, the problem with that is Mardi Gras often falls in February, too!

Paz, that's funny! Have they ever released them before midnight?

Suzanne said...

Paz, Amazon are definitely sticklers to release dates! My copy had a notice on it reading "preparing for dispatch" for over a week, which nearly sent me hysterical. They finally dispatched it on Friday, and as the mail from the UK takes around a week to reach Australia, I assumed that they had it all packed up then sat on it until they could be certain that I wouldn't receive it before the 4th.

Essex said...

Countdown is on! Expect mine to download at midnight like it did last year, and the year before...
This year, however, I am not sure I have the energy to stay up and look at it the moment it appears on my iPad - nah, of course I will!

lmhess said...

I put myself on the top of the list at the library - not because I'm cheap, Candy, but because if I buy one more book I'll have to move out of the house. Which would be sad since we just had 7 in. of snow:(! If the library is too slow, however, it's Amazon for me,as well. Enjoy Mardi Gras!!!

Suzanne said...

Imhess, your house sounds a bit like mine. My study is a bit like a war zone. I have so many books that I bought a kindle in December in a effort to cut down on the clutter.

February is actually a very good time to release books here as everybody has returned from summer holidays but it is usually far too hot to do anything remotely energetic. So lots of time spent indoors reading.

JustWingingIt said...

On a whim I stopped by my local bookstore yesterday (Monday) and, lo and behold, there was your new release out on the shelves...a day early. Of course, I bought it. I haven't started it yet because I still have half a book to go with WDB but the temptation to skip right to it is strong.


Anonymous said...

OK, so my husband teased me yesterday. He works from home and about 3 in the afternoon texted me a picture of opened package with WDB inside with the caption "guess what just arrived". He is a cruel man. I have only read the first chapter so far, and it is everything I can do to not take a glimpse at the back (advantage over Kindle is that it is so much easier to do). I'll catch snatches of it on the bus to and from work this week. Argh. Sabena

nana said...

To buy the ebook or not to buy the ebook....
*pouts* last year I got the awesome surprise to receive the book his release day (what a great gift for my birthday) no such luck this year, Amazon still says end of march.
So patiently waiting (but it's out!!! How can I wait one month!!), or buying the kindle version (but paying twice, almost the same price, for the same book!!!)
....that is the question.

pfff as if it was a real question, it's my birthday, I can gift myself with a great read tonight!! :-)

crossing my fingers for great sales despite this busy month
Happy Sebastian's Day!!! ;)

cs harris said...

Suzanne, hope you get it soon!

Essex, I find the older I get, the more I pay for staying up all night reading. Yet it still doesn't stop me.

Imhess, library sales help an author, too, and they'll order more if people put their names on a list. And I know what you mean about the books--we need to purge because their is simply no more room. We even have bookcases lining the hall.

Veronica, that was a lucky find. Barnes and Noble isn't as strict as Amazon in their laydown controls.

Sabena, I'll admit I'm a terrible Peaker At the Back.

cs harris said...

Nana, thank you! I'll admit I have a lot of books on my iPad that are also on my shelves. But I have no intention of getting rid of the paper versions because I actually like holding a book in my hands.

lmhess(Lynne) said...

Oh Candy (and Suzanne), what a relief to know others are as demented as I am. There's a bookcase in every room in the house - if I ever had to downsize it would be like a national crisis. And I am converting to my Kindle - slowly but surely.

Anonymous said...

Have been frantically checking everyday for a kindle copy to appear! Readers here in New Zealand are desperate to the read your next instalment and it is so hard to find an online version available for purchase.

james william said...
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