Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WHAT ANGELS FEAR e-book on Sale for a Limited Time Only!

As part of their promotion for the upcoming release of Why Kings Confess, NAL has temporarily dropped the price on the e-book version of What Angels Fear, the first in the Sebastian St. Cyr series.
So for the next two weeks *you can buy the Kindle version of Angels at  Amazon for only $2.99!

Or the Nook version of Angels at  Barnes and Noble for $2.99.

You can buy the iBooks version for $2.99 at iTunes or iBooks, and I'd link to it, only I can't figure out how :-(

You can also buy it at Kobo for $2.99.

All of these places were supposed to have the new cover as part of the promotion, but someone goofed and they don't, although I'm told that should be corrected soon.

I had to talk long and hard to get this promotion, so fingers crossed that it pays off and attracts lots of new readers. Tell your friends. Share it on Facebook and Twitter. Help spread the word. Because this deal will only last two weeks one week, and then the price will go back up.

* Due to circumstances beyond my control, this has changed and the price is now back up everywhere. I'm told the price of the Kindle version will drop again in a couple of weeks. My apologies, and I'll let you know as soon as I hear.


Charles Gramlich said...

Shared on facebook. I still don't have twitter.

Anonymous said...

I shared on facebook too (oh, and bought the kindle edition ;-) Here's hoping lots of new readers see it. Sabena

Helena said...

Do you know if this is happening in the UK too? Either way - congratulations on persuading those who needed to be persuaded to reduce the price in the US.

nana said...

really great for new readers to buy all the series. Once started you are eager to read the next ones.

About the new covers, does that mean a new reprint? I don't have the first 3 ones in Harcover & Amazon(.fr/.uk) don't have them anymore. (even if I would have preferred the old covers)

Still no plan for a translation of the books in sight? (in french for example ;) I so would want sharing them with some of my friends)

Yay for the new sebastian very soonishhhhh!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Soooooo excited. I had an email this morning that my book has shipped from Barnes and Noble. Here's to hoping it comes early. Sabena

JustWingingIt said...

Done and done!

So the new covers are for the ebooks only? Somehow I had thought that they were for a mmp re-release.

So excited for the 4th!!


Anonymous said...

C- Done -just bought it. i already have the newer books so now i am getting the earlier ones. thanks for making it easier. and i cant believe i will be getting my kindle version of Why Kings Confess next week! so so excited.
best, ali

cs harris said...

Charles, thank you! And I can't believe you don't Twitter...

Sabena, thank you!

Helena, I don't think it is. The series has never actually been picked up by a British publisher. I keep hoping!

Nana, yes, they did reprint ANGELS with the new cover, but in mass market paperback only. Have you tried going to on-line secondhand bookstores for used hardcovers of the first books? That's what I always do when I discover an author too late to get their first books in hardcover. If I love an author, I want to own all of their books and I want them in hardcover. I'm still searching for some of the first books in the Sharpe series; have you seen the prices of those things? I have sold the series to Russia and a few other places, but not France yet. Still hoping!

Sabena, if it has shipped then it should be there soon.

Veronica, thank you. And yes, the new cover is also for a reissue in mass market paperback.

cs harris said...

Ali, thank you. Ironically, March 4 is Mardi Gras here so all of our bookstores are CLOSED.

paz said...

Will order for myself, since I don't have that ebook. I am sure the promotion will be fantastic. I will go and review it on Amazon (since I don't do facebook or twitter...)

Suzanne said...

I got an email from Amazon yesterday saying that my copy of Why Kings Confess has been shipped and I should have it on Saturday the 8th. As we only have mail deliveries on weekends at Christmas that means I should get it on the 10th. Yippy!! I am thrilled. That is a lot sooner than their original estimate of the 20th.

I hope that is a sign that they had a lot more pre-orders than in past years and they had to be more prepared this year. I certainly hope so as you deserve to have rapidly growing sales.

Suzanne said...

AAAH!!! Your mentioning Mardi Gras has just reminded me that the 10th is Labour Day? Moomba and a public holiday, so no mail till Tuesday.

Oh well, at least I will get a good laugh watching the Birdman Rally on TV on the weekend.

Helena said...

Candy, you replied to my earlier comment: "Helena, I don't think it is. The series has never actually been picked up by a British publisher. I keep hoping!"

Four of the series are available in Kindle on Amazon UK, including What Angels Fear (although thy are more expensive than many Kindle books). That doesn't (or shouldn't) happen unless some publisher has the UK rights to the ebooks. So I'm not sure what you mean?

Anonymous said...

c- i am seriously considering taking the 4th off. even though no mardi gras here. last time i stayed up all night reading - i had to finish the book - and then had to go to work. it was not pretty - by midday i was banging into walls. we shall see...
best, ali

cs harris said...

Paz, thank you! I must admit I'm not seeing as much movement in the book as I'd hoped. But they're doing a BoookBub ad next week, so that should help.

Suzanne, that's funny! Obviously the timing of the release is lousy everywhere.

Helena, I think they have English language rights, but that doesn't have the same effect as an actual British publisher deciding to print it. Does it show up in your bricks-and-mortar bookstores?

cs harris said...

Ali, that sounds like me at the moment--stayed up most of the night reading a research book. i should know better.

nana said...

Have you tried going to on-line secondhand bookstores for used hardcovers of the first books?

I was waiting to see if there would be a reprint.
So I just bought an (very good) used Hardcover of Gods & Mermaids. A new one is too pricey. I'm not going to buy a book 100$ even if I love it when I already have them in MMP & Paperback!!! (I even saw one at 999€!!!!)
So now I just miss Angels, didn't find yet a good deal.
& yeah when you love them you HAVE TO have them in hardcover.

Helena said...

Candy, you asked "Does it show up in your bricks-and-mortar bookstores?". I'm afraid I don't know; I discovered you online and have always bought your books that way, via Amazon.

Micah|Mexican Timeshare Solutions said...

Sounds very interesting, i have to read it!

cs harris said...

Nana, I've often wished publishers would keep a few hardcovers for those of us who like to collect them and miss the first release. But I guess the warehouse costs are too high. And now I wish I'd bought up a bunch of the ANGELS hardcovers if that's what they're selling for!

Helena, I could be wrong but I don't think they do.

Micah, thanks.

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