Tuesday, March 04, 2014

It's Sebastian Day!

So, maybe to most people it's Mardi Gras or just plain Tuesday, but today is also the pub day for Why Kings Confess. (Thanks to my reader, Nana, for the "Sebastian Day" idea.)

I'm anxious to hear what you all think. Personally, I really like what happens with Gibson in this book, but I'm not saying any more than that....

Oh--and Happy Mardi Gras!


Elaine M said...

Love it, love it, love it! More later as I am woefully late for work having been unable to tear myself away. Work and then I'll begin a leisurely second reading at something less than the speed of light. Brava and merci.

Essex said...

Have enjoyed it tremendously so far - I admit that I cheated and read the end after reading most of the first part of the book . I am really bad that way. Yes, love the plot development for Gibson - I hope it works out for him.
Love your work. Please keep it coming!

Maureen said...

Have not read the book yet except for the Author's Note...I always do that first to give me some context before I start reading. Of course, then I have been sidetracked ever since researching online about St. Katherine's (I did manage to find a map with Cat's Hole and Hangman's Court). I was a European history major eons ago...can't let it go. Medieval Bex (she is a PhD student now) has a fascinating blog on St. Katherine's and its history...most of her topics are about the Arthurian tradition though. Thank you for such entertaining mysteries! They make my day!

Beth F said...

My copy was just delivered this afternoon, so now I'm waiting for my kids to go to bed so that I can start it. I can't wait!

Linhie said...

Happiness has long been overdued for our dear friend, Gibson. I hope to see more of this intriguing character and his lady love.

I salute you Candy for your well placed profession of love from Sebastian. My heart melted a little when we finally got to hear what we all know is true. Now if we could find the release date for the audio version so I could do a second read.

Congrats on release day!

Judith said...

Happy Dance! my book came today!

Carly Cole said...

Anxiously waiting for it to appear on Audible!

RevMelinda said...

It's a fabulous read so far! And the Gibson development is just perfect.

cs harris said...

Elaine, thanks so much!

Essex, yes, I'm bad that way, too.

Maureen, that's funny you read the Author's Note first! Doesn't it sometimes give things away? I plan to do a post on St. Katherine's soon.

Beth, hope you enjoy it!

Linhie, the audio version is supposed to be released 21 May, but in my experience they're not real firm--sometimes they're earlier, other times they're later. They don't have a cover yet.

Judith, good!

Carly, hopefully the 21 May date will be good.

RevMelinda, thanks so much. I am really enjoying developing Gibson's turbulent romance.

Sue said...

Wonderful!! Loved the new characters -- Alexi and the nursemaid! Wonderful. Wouldn't it have been fun to eavesdrop on Hendon, Jarvis and Mrs Jarvis as they waited for the baby to be born.

Linhie said...

Sue, I had the same exact thought! I would imagine we'd be hearing plenty on death and murder... By Jarvis alone. >.<

What I'd give to be a fly on that particular wall!

Anonymous said...

Fascinating story. I didn't know there was still a possibility the boy who died wasn't the Dauphin. I really enjoy the tidbits of history you include. I'd like to know more about the history of female doctors in Europe. I liked Alexandrie very much and would like to see more of the character. She should provide some conflict between Sebastian and his friend for a few future story lines. Is the name pronounced with a long e on the end or like the city Alexandria? Hero continues to be a great character, as is Sebastian? It amused me that Jarvis didn't get his wish regarding the grandchild's eye color. Andrea

Elaine M said...

More now. I really was struck by the emotional intensity of this episode in the continuing story. Of course, Sebastion's profession of love is beautiful, perfectly placed. Even more, the poignancy and intensity of Gibson's feelings are powerfully engaging. These characters who we have come to love become even more real to us and more beloved. What a gift you have! Thank you for sharing it with us.

cs harris said...

Sue, thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yes, I'm going to enjoy having Alexi and Claire in future books. Their backgrounds are rich mines for conflict.

Linhie, that would have been very tense, yes!

Andrea, I still can't decide whether I believe he died or escaped. There were so many inconsistencies that simply didn't make sense. And the history of female doctors in Italy and Germany is fascinating; I'd like to know more about it myself.

Elaine, thanks so much. I really enjoyed writing this book.

kelley said...

Woot! Mine came in the mail last night. BTW, are you on Twitter? Would like to follow.

Charles Gramlich said...

Very Cool!

Sue said...

More thoughts on Claire, Tom and the black cat. I'm intrigued by the almost organic way that society organizes itself when under stress. The 20 year war between England and France resulted in many orphans -- not just the children, such as Tom -- but Claire who lost her husband and children. How do you survive but by reinventing yourself as some wealthy person's servant? And what do you give up when your identity is a reflection of someone else's? It is an acceptable relationship within marriage, but less so between a master and servant.

Forgive the rambling thoughts...

Sara said...

So I got it on my kindle as a late Christmas gift - the best :-)
At one moment I was really afraid for Hero's life...
Otherwise it was interresting to learn something new of the french side of Habsburks, since I am majoring in History of Austria-Hungary. Now I have to read it again and more carefully. And than another Year of waiting. Thank You

JustWingingIt said...

Almost to the halfway mark and loving it so far!


cs harris said...

Kelley, sorry, I'm not on Twitter. I have a hard enough time with Facebook!

Charles, I do love this cover.

Sue, it is fascinating. The stresses of long-term war on a society are always so far-reaching.

Sara, I find it fascinating that Napoleon married Marie Antoinette's niece! You know she must have been raised to see him as a usurper and the French as monsters.

Veronica, that's good to hear!

Elaine P. said...

The book is wonderful, I'm always happy to see Gibson involved with the investigations. Loved the ending and the always interesting Author's Note.

paz said...

Oh, so worth the wait!

Sebastian 'fesses to Hero 'bout his demons.... check

Paul's loneliness and opium addiction addressed head on... check

Sebastian says I love you hero... check

Sebastian begins to thaw towards Hendon ... check


Of course, still lots of puzzles left -- where exactly is Kat, hmmm? But lots of books left to explore them in. Thank you for a great installment.

paz said...

Oh, and I did forget to say that I really enjoyed the plot revolving around the Dauphin. It is such a riveting historical tale, and you managed to make justice to its complexity and contradictions.

witchhuntress said...

That waiting part in the last chapter of the book made me giggle!

As to Hendon, Jarvis, and Lady Jarvis's "vigil," I'm just laughing at the thought. Like, it can go like this...

Jarvis: [thinking] Not yellow eyes. Not yellow eyes, damn it.

Hendon: [smiles confidently] He'll be like my son.

Jarvis: [glares while thinking] No way in hell.

Lady Jarvis: The child may be a girl! [dabs at tears] My Hero's child will be beautiful either way.

Haha ^^

P.S. I so love this book!!!

Judith said...

Houston, we have a baby!

And at last Sebastian declares his love for Hero, and Gibson has a fascinating woman in his life, and Sebastian misses his father, and Kat isn't in this book, and Simon has yellow eyes.

Read until 2 am couldn't stop reading.

Loved it so much!

Judith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
witchhuntress said...

I have his confession bookmarked in my kindle and in my heart XD

JustWingingIt said...

I stayed up until 1am to finish the book and it was well worth it.

- the way the history of the Dauphin was woven into the plot was very interesting

- Croft's Lowering System...yeesh! If that was the standard of prenatal care at that time, it's a small wonder that more women didn't die during childbirth.

- loved, Loved, LOVED Sebastian's beautiful and soul-felt profession of love. It was all the sweeter because I had to wait five books for it. *happy sigh*

- I knew Hero was going to be right!! Smart kid, obeying his mother right from the start. lol

- loved the name of the newest St Cyr and the system that Hero and Sebastian came up with for naming their children.

- I feel happy for Gibson, even though his "I love you" came about way too fast for me. Whereas Sebastian's ILY was well-earned, Gibson's left me with Alexi's you-don't-even-know-her response. Not that I can really blame him, not having had a woman for close to five years (wow!), lol. Still, I haven't quite warmed up to Madame Sauvage just yet. I'd like to know more about her particular involvement in the massacre of the nuns and orphans at Santa Iria.

- My heart swelled with the Sebastian/Hendon moments. I'm really rooting for Sebastian to make his peace with his father, because that's who Hendon is...his father. Biology be damned. Maybe being a father himself will give Sebastian a path to some new understanding.

- Very glad that Claire took Sebastian up on his offer.

- No Kat! Too bad she won't stay gone.

- Does Tom still dislke Hero? I'd love to get a scene or two with the two of them working towards...something.

My only (very, very slight) disappointment is that I would have loved to get some private time with the new family, just Sebastian, Hero and their baby, with no one else around. But it seems like I've been waiting for this baby for so long that you could've written 15 pages with just the three of them and it still would not have felt like enough. And that's what good writers do: leave their readers desperately craving more. Bravo!

And now begins the long wait for the next book.


Rebecca said...

Wonderful! The mystery was great with interesting story of the missing Dauphan. I enjoy the fact that you take a "real" mystery from history and craft a plausible story/outcome with it.
As for the relationship between Sebastian and Hero: You have done a masterful job developing it, from the kidnapping to now. I had tears in my eyes when he finally told her he loved her!
I too wished for an intimate family moment (or pages and pages) between Hero and Sebastian and Simon. With maybe a little grandparents thrown in.
Anyway, congratulations on another fine work!
When is the next one due? :)

JustWingingIt said...

Oh, I also did want to ask about the time jump for the next book. We've had as much as eight months pass between books and as few as four days so I was just curious as to how much time will have elapsed between this book and the next. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

My day off today, so I began last night and finished it this morning. LOVED IT!!! Thought the mystery surrounding the Dauphin was great. I just love how you take history and make it come alive around the mystery you are writing. Your books are always full of interesting facts and research (that often send me down many enjoyable bunny trails on the internet). SPOILER ALERT......

-Loved LaChapelle and your including his character. I have a friend who is transgender and the things endured by these minorities throughout history and still today is just appalling.

-Loved the glimpses of Aunt Henrietta in her puce, pink and purple regalia. I love to picture her in her outfits in my mind. Brings such a smile and sometimes out loud giggle.

-Loved the thoughts and mixed emotions Sebastian is having about Hendon. Am, like others, hoping for a reconciliation.

-Loved that the baby has Sebastian's eyes (much to Jarvis' chagrin). I can't wait to read his dissatisfaction about them in later books. (Agree with Witchhuntress on the imaginings of the conversation or lack thereof taking place while Hero is giving birth)

-Loved Gibson found someone to not only love and understand him, but also help him.

-Loved inclusion of the black cat (aka Huck)

-Loved the brief mentions of Calhoun, Tom, Morry. All part of the family.

-Last but not least LOVED the disclosure that Annabelle (Hero's mom)is not quite as vacuous as led to believe.

Thank you, thank you for a great mystery as well as the continuation of the story of such beloved characters.


Christine Clark said...

It was WONDERFUL. I am very pleased with Gibson's development. The plot line had enough hints to lead you in a certain direction, and then out of nowhere there is another piece of the puzzle followed by a different "incident". Just fabulous! When does the next one come out? You have become my favorite author and the wait for the next installment is excoriating.

Anonymous said...

Hey - just checked audible. The book is there!!!! YEAH!!! Will listen to it next. Sabena

cs harris said...

Elaine, thanks so much.

Paz, funny but I hadn't realize how many things moved forward in this book until people pointed them out. Kat is off spending a year at the seaside, following Yates's death. I'd actually planned to write a short story or novella about her, but WHO BURIES THE DEAD took too long.

witchhuntress, I know, I so wanted to show a snippet of it, but it just didn't fit.

Judith, sorry about keeping you up!

Veronica, that was actually my parent's agreement--my mother was to name the boys, only she never had any! And we'll be seeing a fair amount of the baby in the next book, just 7 weeks old at that point.

cs harris said...

Rebecca, thank you. The next one is scheduled for March 2015. I know, it's a long time. But my editor hasn't even read my last revisions yet.

Veronica, WHO BURIES THE DEAD starts when Simon is seven weeks, in March. Then book number 11 will take place in the summer. I tend to bunch them when there are historical events I want to weave into the story, and space them farther apart when I want time to pass--such as when I wanted to give Sebastian 8 months to adjust to what he'd learned about Kat before heating up his relationship with Hero. And then of course I put a lot of books into the past year so that I could show how their relationship was progressing. I'll have more months pass before book #11 because I want Simon to get a bit older--even Hero is a bit tied down by a newborn!

Sabena, that was good timing! I did have a lot of fun weaving the story of the Dauphin into the mystery. And I've never actually known anyone who was transgender, so I'm relieved to hear I handled it well.

Christine, thanks so much. Number 10, WHO BURIES THE DEAD, is scheduled for next March. I know, a long wait!

Sabena, really?! I haven't even seen the cover yet. Thanks for letting me know.

Suzanne said...

My copy arrived early!!! It arrived yesterday afternoon, just in time for the long weekend. So I know what I will be doing for the next 3 days! I am a slow reader, I like to devour every word, so it will be the perfect thing to do on a long weekend.

LinhiePooh said...

I'm with you: I LOVED that we were given insights onto the hidden intelligence that Annabelle harbors. I am convinced that the ladies of the ton are much more intelligent than they appear. If Hero wasn't who she is (daughter of Lord Jarvis), she would likely never be able to garner such journalistic achievements.

And thanks for the notice on the available audiobook. I can't wait to listen this weekend!

There is currently no cover for "Why Kings Confess" in audio! We'll have to wait and see how it turns out.

Fremantle said...

When can we see this wonderful series brought to our tv screens? Tom Mison for Sebastian?

I have to wait for my sister-in-law to send me a copy of the new book as we can't buy ANY of the series here!! So annoying. And I have to stop myself reading the comments as there are so many spoilers.

cs harris said...

Suzanne, I'm a slow reader myself; I like to take my time and savor the words.

LinhiePoo, Audible doesn't seem very organized. They were saying it would be out in late May--which is 2 1/2 months after the book's release!. Then they must have decided to rush and put it up, but didn't have the cover ready. This isn't the first time they've done that.

Fremantle, yes, you should avoid these comments! And I would really love to see it on TV. Unfortunately, period pieces are so expensive. But one can always hope!

JustWingingIt said...

That's great that you incorporated your parents' naming system into the book. My parents alternated, with one picking the first name and the other picking the middle name. I guess neither one wanted to risk never getting a shot at picking the first name.

I think you've done a wonderful job at deciding how to space the books. You were right that Sebastian needed time to process the reveals about Kat and his paternity but that it was not necessarily something that we needed to see happen on the page. In contrast, being able to see the steady growth in his relationship with Hero was definitely something that need to happen on the page. It allowed us to take that journey along with Sebastian and Hero so that it felt organic and real.

Speaking of Hero, as much as I love how independent she is and that she can more than take care of herself, I do sometimes wish that Sebastian could have the chance to actually rescue her. Just once. He does try so hard. LOL!


JustWingingIt said...

@Fremantle - I wholeheartedly agree with you about Tom Mison as Sebastian. He's who I picture in my head too (more or less as he is on Sleepy Hollow). I love his voice. A younger Richard Armitage would work too.

And Emily Blunt is my Hero. :)


Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh - sorry it took me so long to comment here, but I was out of town and incommunicado. I was thrilled that my pre-ordered copy was delivered early (many, many smiles here!) and I finished reading it on the road. Oh boy. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but I loved the character development and the history, of course, is non pareil. I found it interesting to see parallels between early 19th c. and now in the topics of substance addiction, opium then, heroin now, and the hints of Russian history. thank you so very much!

PTupper said...

I cannot find the words to say how much I enjoy your St.Cyr novels. This latest is wonderful. Your characters blaze with life, and your pacing conveys such a beautifully managed feeling of tension. The plot developments with Gibson add so much heart to the stories. All of the relationships are so very acute. If I had a complaint, and it is so very minor, please stop using the device of St. Cyr's foot slipping during a fight. It is in every story. It has become an annoyance in an otherwise wonderful reading experience. Again, I really admire your work, and look forward to every new novel.

Jillian Kent said...

Just started the new book. Love the beginning. Love the way you hook your readers in early. It's good motivation for me as I work on my next series. When others ask me if historicals are dying out I always say, "No way! Just read a C.S.Harris Sebastian novel or my Ravensmoore novels." :)

Have you considered writing an e-short stories with these novels or novellas in between novels? I know it's hard but I think your readers would gobble them up. I know I would.
Congrats on your newest Sebastian book.

witchhuntress said...

It's laughable, but Hero does live up to her name. Although Seb can't save her physically, I think he saves her emotionally. Her life is not as empty as before. ^^

Anonymous said...

Finished reading it this morning and I must say it is probably one of my favorites! What I like most about the relationship is how Hero never judges Sebastian or his actions. She is very supportive of him and that's probably why we got the confession of love at the point of the story we did. Please continue as you have cant wait to see what comes next. :) TSA

Anonymous said...

c- So when I wrote in your blog back in January “i can’t wait to meet the newest St. Cyr. and i can’t deny i am hoping for a boy with Sebastian's eyes. :)” i really thought i was whistling in the wind. But yippee it happened. and Simon is great name!

i really really enjoyed this book - im currently on my second read. its too soon to tell but it may be my favorite. like other people i found the story of Dauphin very interesting. and so sad. it actually made the murder very believable. years of war and pain can make people crazy. and i was also so happy for gibson. cant be easy for him. now maybe hero can have real friend. and i thought Sebastian's declaration of love was so perfect.
when i got to the end i was so excited and happy that it wasn't until i turned off the kindle that hit it me. good lord another year for a book!
such is the life of a devoted fan... oh well. congratulations on another success! im off to goodreads and amazon, etc to share my review! best, ali

LOgalinOR said...

The (only) word for Why Kings Confess, is Bravo! Loved the mystery storyline on the Dauphin and the not so 'good', the bad, and the truly ugly of the French Revolution and it's' continuing aftermath, back then. All the details finely woven into a fine, masterfully told story.
Absolutely swooned over Sebastian's declaration of true love for Hero--finely tuned and developed over the last several books. And finally, baby Simon St. Cyr, with Sebastian's eyes! (Also loved the way Hero and Sebastian decided to name their children--showing their mutual love and respect for one another). The only thing missing was those first few moments after birth, of Sebastian, Hero, and baby Simon, making three and a family, along with the black cat. (And I did not skip to the end early). Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the connecting room with Lord Jarvis, Annabelle, and Hendon, who wouldn't? LOL! (Could make an interesting subject for a blog entry?)
Loved the budding romance of Paul Gibson and Alexandrie Sauvage. Hope she can help him with his opium addiction (to be contined in next book?) Was 'entertained' about the Regency era birthing practices of purging, bloodletting, emetics, and calorie restrictions, oh my! Thank goodness that Hero was able to say, 'enough is enough'! It's amazing that anyone survived! And, of course, dominated entirely by the British male medical hierarchy, no less. What were they thinking, definitely NOT! Europe was definitely ahead of its' time by allowing female 'doctoresses'.
Thank you, Candice, for another satisfying Sebastian St. Cyr mystery, and now sadly, the ever redundant, 'waiting for another year'......sigh.

Anonymous said...

C- Hey finished second reading and have a question. Is it safe to assume the that both Colonel Foucher and the molly (should have been Serena Fox) were killed by Lady Giselle and her cousin to to confuse and throw suspicion elsewhere? thanks. Best, Ali

JustWingingIt said...

I was confused about who killed those two as well.


Judith said...

A movie would be lovely, but a BBC series would be even better.
Tom Mison would be a good choice to play Sebastian, but after thinking it over, Orlando Bloom would also be good. His face is remarkably lean and symmetrical ...and there are contact lenses.


Suzanne said...

I finished reading it at 1am last night; I couldn't stop and had to finish it no matter what the hour. Congratulations Candy, in my opinion this one is the best so far!! The mixture of history, romance and action was just perfect.

I had read a lot about the French Revolution and the Restoration before but I had no idea what happened to the French royal family during the 20 years between them; it was fascinating.

I loved the developing relationship between Sebastian and Hero and it was beautiful when he finally said, "I love you" to her. I am so relieved that Hero survived childbirth. I was very worried about that. When Yates died, the blurb for Kings came out and said that Sebastian was worried about her, and then you said that no.10 had the ominous title of Who Buries The Dead I put 2 and 2 together and got 27. I am very glad that I was proved wrong. Hero is one of my favourite characters, along with Aunt Henrietta who is so wonderfully eccentric.

The romance between Gibson and Alexi was lovely too. I hope things go well for them in the future.

The only thing that didn't come across for me was the murder of Colonel Foucher. Why was he killed? It didn't seem to fit the murderer's scenario, or did I miss something? That is possible, I do sometimes go too fast over the really exciting bits and miss the little things during my first read.

Like Maureen I always read the Author's Note first. I guess I like to know who is real and who is fictional before I start, plus it sets the scene for me.

Essex said...

Now I like that idea of a BBC series with Tom Mison. He is a handsome man, a wonderful actor and in my opinion, the best thing about Sleepy Hollow ( except for Clancy Brown, of course) Who would you pick for the other characters?

cs harris said...

Veronica, I guess you're right, he hasn't ever actually rescued her. Hmmmm....

Barbara, I think one of the things that attracted me to write about this period was the parallels to our own--it was a time of such tremendous social and technological change.

PTupper, that's funny--I didn't know he slipped a lot!

Jillian, thanks so much. I have thought about short stories, but it's such a different art form I'm not sure I could do it justice. Short mysteries are really hard to pull off.

witchhuntress, I very much see Sebastian as saving Hero from becoming more like Jarvis.

TSA, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it.

cs harris said...

Ali, thanks so much. And I remember smiling when I read that comment!

LOgalinOR, so glad you enjoyed it. And yes, there are a lot of little things that will need to be continued in the upcoming books. And I'm with you--how did any woman survive childbirth? Of course, a lot of them didn't.

Ali, Veronica, and Suzanne, look on page 279, where Sebastian says to LaChapelle, "Why try to kill you? I can understand killing Foucher--and mutilating his body--in the hopes of frightening Vaundreuil into abandoning the peace negotiations. But why you?" And LaChapelle answers, "Perhaps because of what I know--or suspect."

Judith, I would LOVE a BBC production. Don't know if they'd do a series, written by an American.

Suzanne, I do intend to kill a few characters in upcoming books, but I wouldn't dare let Hero die! Although maybe I shouldn't admit that?!

Essex, my problem is that I watch so little TV that I no longer know actors. And I do think seeing how they move and speak is more important than simply seeing them in still shots.

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, I'm a first time 'poster' here, just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed this latest book. I knew a bit about the rumours of the Dauphin surviving, and loved reading a novel incorporating this story. Also loved the honesty and growth in the relationship between Sebastian and Hero. His heartfelt recognition and profession of his love for her brought a tear (well more than one) to my eye! The writing was very moving in that scene.
Lots more I could write but this will do for my first post. I do endorse the sentiments of many others though; now we have a long year to wait for the next book!
Cheers, Rhonda

cs harris said...

Rhonda, thanks so much for telling me how much you enjoyed the book; that sort of thing really does help me through the angst of plotting the next one.

JustWingingIt said...

"kill a few characters" ?? Eep!


cs harris said...

Veronica, LOL! Two, to be exact.

Anonymous said...

Loved the book! It arrived the night of March 6th and was the perfect present for my 3/7th birthday!! Thank you for telling of the three months in the country
that Hero and Sebastian enjoyed eating local produce and taking long walks! Loved his profession of love! Hero is my favorite character and I can't wait to see how she enjoys parenting!

Jefner said...

I absolutely adore this series and loved this latest book especially! I've loved watching the relationship between Sebastian and Hero grow and develop to the point it's at now. Hero is such an amazing character; I'm glad to hear you don't have any plans to let her die! I wonder if Jarvis will soften to Sebastian a bit now that he has a grandson? Or perhaps once he realizes Hero's love for Sebastian, will that change his tune? I also really liked Gibson's storyline in this book. Hopefully Alexei can provide him with the salvation he needs.

All in all, an amazing book that left me impatiently waiting for the next!

cs harris said...

Anon at 2:53, Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the book. I'm actually thinking about setting one of the upcoming mysteries at their house down in Hampshire. I lived in Winchester for a time and it would be nice to go back there, even if it was only vicariously.

Jefner, thanks so much. I actually can't imagine Jarvis softening toward Sebastian! Can you?

Anonymous said...

So...I ordered the A to Z of Regency London. I love, love maps and have been poring over it ever since receiving it from some Amazon seller in the UK. Simply fascinating! Now I will read St. Sebastian with the maps next to me. We are spending time in London this May in a rental apartment at 1 Cheyne Walk...I found it on the map. Maps definitely help make the past come alive, more knowable. Please, please continue with the informative blogs in between the awesome mysteries!

cs harris said...

Maureen, an apartment on Cheyne Walk sound WONDERFUL! I envy you.

libbirk said...

Cheers Candy!!!! Thank you so very much for another fabulous addition to my fantasy life in England. I can't add much to everyone else's kudos except to say that your characters are very really to me as well. Would love to see a BBC production ( have you seen their new Sherlock...? Brilliant). The poignant moments between hero & Sebastian are a lovely break from the action. Lovemthe additions of new characters,mould have liked to see Tom a bit more or atleast know he and hero had made peace. What a love most about these is that you continually surprise and delight wi your very well researched story lines, while deepening and strengthening the character relationships. So many questions yet to be answered.... My wish for you is that you never lack for inspiration and stamina. Must take quite a bit out of you writing these things!!! Thank you Thankyou Thankyou!!!!

vanessa b said...

I am SO SO SO happy for Gibson! You had me quaking in my boots up until the very end, which was really too bad of you ;) LOL But truly, I love the ride you are taking us on with Sebastian and Hero and Gibson. Thank you so much and keep up the great work! -- Vanessa

Anonymous said...

Hi, this maybe isn't the appropriate venue for this, but did you know that the ebook isn't available for purchase in the UK (and quite a few other countries)? At least not at the vendors I checked. I wish publishers wouldn't make it so hard for readers to buy books, not to mention, this also can't be good for authors' sales figures :(

cs harris said...

libbirk, thanks so much. I must admit, it's a bit shocking to realize I've been writing about Sebastian and company for ten years now.

Venessa, I so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I really, really enjoyed writing about Gibson.

anon, I was told they wait three months before releasing the ebook overseas. Something about hoping a British publisher will pick up the series. Sorry.

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