Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I've always loved St. Patrick's Day--even before I knew I have a smidgen of Irish in my family tree. New Orleans throws a great St. Patrick's Day parade, complete with flying beads--and cabbages and potatoes and carrots! All the makings for an Irish stew. (Yes, they really do throw cabbages off the floats, and believe me they hurt if they hit you in the head!)

There are also walking clubs of men in tuxes or kilts who hand out roses in exchange for a kiss. It's a fun day--in fact, I enjoy it more than most of the Carnival parades, largely because of the atmosphere.
These pictures are actually from a few years ago; we didn't go this past Saturday, as it was misty and cool and our elder daughter had just driven in for a long weekend from San Antonio. We decided to simply curl up with hot chocolate and spend the day talking. And talking and talking....


Anonymous said...

Glad you actually had time to relax and maybe unwind a bit with your daughter there. You've had quite the schedule and time demands over the last several months. I am happy to report two of my friends had bought the kindle special on Angels and have reported back they loved it and will be continuing on with the series. So...campaign worked, at least from my point of view. Happy St. Pat's!!! Sabena

JustWingingIt said...

Ah, those are the best kind of days. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

Back at ya!

Anonymous said...

c- Those are great pictures. And it looks like lots of fun. Unfortunately up here in the north – SPD is more about alcohol than anything else. In Hoboken where I live they've had to restrict the celebration and even schedule the parade during the day on a weekday since things were getting very out of control. The NYTimes quoted a girl one year saying she had her first beer at 9am in the shower! Glad you were able to enjoy some quality family time!
best, Ali

cs harris said...

Sabena, that's great to hear, since that's what the campaign was meant to do!

Veronica, yes, indeed!

Charles, did you raise a beer in honor of St. Pat?

Ali, you live in Hoboken? Quite the center of attention these days! That's too bad some people without limits have ruined everyone else's fun. There's a lot of drinking goes on down here, but it's usually the tourists who get out of hand, and they typically aren't around for St. Patrick's Day.

Anonymous said...

c- yes i do and its a really nice place most of the time but on that holiday things would get very wild. and it was a lot of "tourists" - people came from other parts of NJ and NYC. and the bars would open at 8AM - i usually hid in my apt and hoped for the best. being of English and French/German decent i chose not to join the melee. i do love a good Oktoberfest though ;-) Ali

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