Sunday, April 13, 2014

Books, Books, and More Books!

The Friends of the Jefferson Parish Library had their Giant Spring Book Sale this past weekend. This is a Big Event around our house. We prepare for it in advance by combing through our shelves and making lists of what we already have (in an effort to reduce duplicates) and what we want to look for. When the first day of the sale dawns, we gather boxes and bags and a trolly, and set forth on the Great Book Hunt.
I don't need any more books. I already have more books than I could ever read before I die (it seriously saddens me to realize this). But I can't resist these book sales. What do I look for? Leather bound copies of classics, so that I can throw out my ratty old paperbacks.
I also look for hardcover editions of favorite novels--the ones I once read from the library or bought in paperback before I realized they were keepers. This year I was thrilled to find hardcover editions of both my favorite Mary Stewart romantic suspense from when I was a teenager and the Kathleen Woodiwiss that first made me fall in love with sexy historical romances. And I also snagged a Wynwood Press  first bookclub edition of Grisham's A Time To Kill. If it were a regular first edition, it would be worth $5,000, but the bookclub edition is still worth $3-400. Not that I have any intention of selling it, of course. It's all part of the fun.

What else did I get? A book of eighteenth century English poetry. Virginia Woolf's diary. A collection of Dorothy Sayers short stories. A hardcover of James Lee Burke's A Stained White Radiance. A lovely leather bound edition of The Education of Henry Adams (I'll probably start with this one, since I loved his Mont Saint Michel and Chartres; this is his autobiography). Two big boxes full, in all (counting Steve's additions). Now I need to comb through my shelves in an effort to make room for them, because new bookcases are out of the question: we have run out of walls.

There really is such a thing as too many books.


Wednesday, April 09, 2014

RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans

Planning to attend the RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans in May? If so, I might see you there because I will be present at several of the events. I didn't get organized in time for the "Giant Book Fair"--it was already full when I tried to sign up months ago. But I will be at the Penguin Lemonade Social, which will be taking place from 2:30 to 3:30 pm on Saturday, May 17, at the convention hotel.

I should also be at the Berkley/NAL sponsored stop on the RT Pub Crawl on Bourbon Street, from 6:30 to 8:30 on Thursday night, May 15. I'm told we will be at the bar at The Beach. Anyone familiar with Bourbon Street at night is probably thinking, "That sounds like a really bad idea." Frankly, I couldn't agree more! But barring any unforeseen catastrophes, I'll be there. So be sure to tell me if I should look for you!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

The Original Morey

Everyone familiar with the Sebastian St. Cyr series knows that Sebastian has a majordomo named Morey. But I'm not sure anyone knows where that name came from. The truth is, he's named after this lady:

That's right; Morey is named in honor of my friend Trish Morey, a Harlequin/Mills and Boon author who was a member of my writers' group when I lived in Adelaide. Don't get me wrong; I don't envision Sebastian's Morey as looking anything like Trish! But when I started the first Sebastian book all those many years ago, I had to give the majordomo a name I'd remember easily and "Morey" leapt to mind and sounded right. So Morey he became. And since the original Morey has a book out today/tomorrow, it seemed like an appropriate time to confess.

If you enjoy contemporary romances and you've never read one of Trish's books,  you're in for a treat because she's a seriously funny writer.

And can I just say, I love that cover!

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Happy Birthday, Scout and Banjo!

Okay, so it probably isn't really their birthday. But when we took them to our vet at the beginning of October, she said they were at least six months old, so we decided to make 1 April their birthday. It seemed appropriate, since Mother Nature played a rather nasty trick on these two little sweethearts.

Reaching today with both kittens alive and (relatively) well feels like a grand achievement. When we first rescued them, I was determined to give them at least six months of being warm, dry, well-fed, and safe, to make up for the first six months of their lives, which were pretty wretched. I don't think I ever showed this to you, but this is the photo my daughter sent of the two kittens on the patio outside her apartment that made me decide I had to do SOMETHING:

At the time of their rescue, they weighed barely a pound each. Banjo is now five pounds, and Scout isn't far behind him. And since the above image is too awful to leave you with, here's a picture of Banjo getting his neck massaged, which he dearly loves:

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

WHY KINGS CONFESS Signing at Garden District Book Shop

Thanks so much to everyone who turned out for the booksigning on Saturday. After a horrific stormy night that dumped ungodly amounts of rain on the city, the day itself managed to be pleasantly warm and sunny. We had a nice crowd, and I had a great time meeting everyone and talking about the books and Sebastian and Hero and Hendon and Kat and, well, just about everything.

This was our ninth Sebastian St. Cyr signing at Garden District Book Shop. We'll be doing another one next year for number ten, Who Buries the Dead, so hope to see you then! 

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