Saturday, February 15, 2014


Three boxes of books appeared outside my door this past week (one was filled with the paperback edition of What Darkness Brings), so we know they're off the presses and ready to be shipped!

I've been preoccupied this past month by the editorial revisions for Who Buries the Dead (editorial revisions are the result of suggestions by my editor). I don't know why this book has been giving me fits, but it's finally almost finished. I'm hoping I can get it off next week. To be frank, I am heartily sick of it at this stage. Plus I'm really excited to get to work on book #11, which will be a road trip as Sebastian goes to Ludlow, Shropshire, birthplace of Jamie Knox.

And I've had some nice news this past week: Recorded Books has bought the audio rights to the rest of the Sebastian St. Cyr series, up through book #12. So those of you who enjoy audio books will eventually be able to listen to them all. I haven't been told their production schedule, but I assume they'll be starting with #1 and moving forward from there. Number 9, Kings, is in production now and should be released soon.


Suzanne said...

Wow. It must be so exciting to open the boxes and see your brain child in print. I am really looking forward to reading it.

You mentioned Ludlow and I read a book a few months ago about Richard III which opened in Ludlow. I never realised before that there was a terrible massacre there during the Wars Of The Roses, during which the population of the town was decimated. It looks like such a beautiful, tranquil place these days that it seems hard to picture now. I am very glad that I live in the 21st century and not the 15th.

Helena said...

Those books look beautiful. And I'm delighted with the news about audiobooks - I love them, and am always looking out for favourites which I can savour. I always find new things when listening to a book as opposed to reading it, even when I've read it several times. There's something about the medium which brings out some things more than others.

Charles Gramlich said...

Excellent. Things seem to be going pretty well all told. I could use some good news on the writing front myself.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the audio books! I totally agree with Helena. I read them first, sometimes a couple of times, and then listen and always something new comes through that I didn't realize while reading the book. (Guess I read too fast). Oooh, Knox's birthplace. We're going to get closer to finding Sebastian's father....Yeah!!! Sabena

cs harris said...

Suzanne, Yes, this time was especially nice since the cover is so great. When I get a bad cover, I tend to cringe. What was the book you read? I love Ludlow; if it weren't for the kittens and sick old cats, I'd go visit it again...

Helena, I literally squealed when I heard about the audio books--particularly as there was enough interest that it went to auction.

Charles, I must admit that I'm literally giddy at the thought of almost finishing this @$#% book.

Sabena, I wonder how many people listen to them? I guess it's enough that they wanted to bring out the entire series.

Ms. Yvonne said...
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paz said...

I wish I could get my copy this week! I am off work, and ALL the authors I follow (well, at least 5 of them) have books coming out in March. Feast and Famine, as the saying goes. I guess I just will have to sleep a lot next week, and bank those hours for all the sleepless nights I will spend in March catching up with my favorite characters. Argh!

I am sorry to hear of your frustration with Who Buries the Dead. Would love to read a post at some point of what strategies you use to deal with situations like these when you write.

Amy said...

The books look fantastic! Just a few more weeks to wait.

cs harris said...

Paz, five authors with books out in March! Goodness. And I've been thinking about a post on writers' block, so I may do one.

Amy, this cover really is nice.

Suzanne said...

Candy, the book I read was one of a series called The Rose Of York by Sandra Worth. The first book Love And War opens with the Ludlow massacre. It was done by the wife of Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou. It is interesting, some books cast her as a vicious, nasty piece of work and others as a heroine. I suspect the population of Ludlow would favour the first theory.

Most of my favourite authors release a new book in March/April too. There are three in October/November, but the majority are early in the year. Then comes the long wait till next year. I wonder why that is?

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, Of course we'll be celebrating Fat Tuesday here in New Orleans the day your new book hits the shelves, so all the stores will be closed. But I gotta tell you I'm so excited to have something to look forward to on Ash Wednesday. The end of Mardi Gras always gets me down, but knowing I have a date with Sebastian & Hero waiting in the wings will help soothe the sting : )
Best of luck & Happy Carnival to you,

cs harris said...

Suzanne, I haven't read any of her books. It is odd that your favorite authors cluster like that; I used to come out in October/November!

Maurice, yes, this March release date can be a problem. Are you coming to my booksigning at Garden District Bookshop the weekend after Mardi Gras?

JustWingingIt said...

So happy to see the new book and I can't wait to get my hands on it! I wish I could take the day off of work to read it at my leisure.

Interesting about the upcoming road trip. Does that mean Hero gets left behind? :(

Anonymous said...

Would love to come to the signing at GDB. I live just a few blocks away. What's the date & time. My neighbor's a big fan, so I'll grab her too.

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