Monday, February 03, 2014

Al Fresco Dining

The weather warmed up enough on Saturday that we decided to take the kittens outside for lunch.

Scout is able to eat on her own. But it's so hard for her to keep herself upright and steady that she gives up and flops over before she's had enough to eat. So Steve--who is her special person--basically just sits there, helps keep her in position, and moves the food around to make it easier for her to get.

Banjo is a bit trickier. He can manage to eat certain specific canned foods if I hold them up to his mouth. Otherwise, he's pretty helpless. But he is a real sweetheart. And if you're wondering about the funky tail, it's because when we rescued him, it was broken.


JustWingingIt said...

They are just precious. I know their care must take a lot of time and effort so it says quite a bit about you and Steve that you have undertaken the task with open hearts. You are all lucky to have each other, human and kitties. :)


Rebecca said...

They are wonderful! My mom just lost her 18-year-old cat this morning, and she's fostering two others who have some injuries, so I know how much work and love you put into your efforts. They are so lucky you're around. :)

LOgalinOR said...

Way too cute for words. Steve truly looks like the proudest papa, grinning (contentedly) as the proverbial Cheshire Cat, who holds a secret. He definitely holds Scout's heart in his. Both of you are such compassionate and caring people and it shows--by the way they are thriving. Where would these kitties (and all the rest of your cats) be without the both of you? Definitely the best 'assisted care facility for felines' out there, bar none. (PS-love all the constructed contraptions and creative solutions you and Steve come up with-LOL). I'm sure there's never a dull moment at your house!

paz said...

Beautiful kitties! Banjo's eyes are like saucers (or banjos ?!) I think all over the country people took the outdoors if they could. My youngest learned an important lesson in perspective. Previously he proclaimed that our local playground was "boring." However, yesterday he discovered that "Its been so long since I've come, the playground feels new!"

cs harris said...

JustWingingIt, Steve and I have been married for ten years, going through Katrina and my mom's death and all the other traumas of life, and yet thanks to these kittens, I now have an even greater appreciation for the amazing man I married.

Rebecca, so sorry to hear about your mom's old cat. But how wonderful that she's already fostering two more in need!

LOgalinOR, yes, I get a lot of smiles out of watching Steve and "his girl." And I love "assisted care facility for felines"!

Paz, that one day was indeed glorious.

Charles Gramlich said...

those kitties are quite lucky.

Sherry said...

From having to force feed a sick kitten I was fostering, I know how time consuming it can be to feed a cat who can't or won't eat on their own. There's also nothing more rewarding than the trust and love the cat gives in return! Sounds like there's lots of love all around in your home.

LOgalinOR said...

Loved the trailer for Why Kings Confess! The mystery, the suspense, the intrigue--it's all there. Very nicely done. A teaser to whet our appetites with one month to go......sigh.

cs harris said...

Charles, I tell them that all the time--especially when it's cold and raining!

Sherry, I so admire people who foster animals! And yes, feeding them does take a LOT of time. Banjo also needs a bottle for liquids because he can't really drink, either. But he loves playing with his mouse, and we call him the Paper Towel Slayer because he loves attacking paper towels--in his own mind he's quite ferocious.

cs harris said...

LOgalinOR, did my web mistress get it up on the website? Thanks for reminding me to post it here!

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