Monday, April 04, 2011

What You Don't Want to See When Taking Your Daughter to the Airport

My daughter and a friend have been spending the past week with us, home from school for spring break. They were supposed to fly out Sunday evening, but their flight back to Florida was canceled thanks to the hole that recently ripped open in one of Southwest's 373s. Then, this morning, New Orleans's airport had some excitement of its own.


Fortunately, my daughter was able to get out with only a brief (second) delay. But this sort of thing is seriously not good for my nerves. Funny, I'm not a nervous flyer myself, but when it comes to my dears, that's another story altogether...

AP Photo/Eric Long


Steve Malley said...

I do understand. That's the sort of situation where it's you, there's nothing to worry about, but when it's someone you love... Yikes!

Glad she's okay. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I heard about the cracks in the planes. Very scary. I can understand your nerves.

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