Saturday, March 26, 2011

We Have Babies!

Our mourning dove babies have hatched. Sorry about the poor quality of the picture--you can just see one of the babies off to the right--but I took it holding my camera over my head with the parents fussing at me from the gate, and I didn't want to disturb them any more than I was already doing.

Fortunately, this pair nested earlier than last year's, so I've managed to keep one of the plants in the basket alive to offer the babies some protection. I find it interesting that you only ever see one dove around the nest when they're sitting on the eggs, but as soon as they hatch both parents spring into action. This basket is exactly six feet from my office French door, so I have a front row seat to their activity.

Update: I managed to get a better picture today, of the mama and one of her babies. The previous snap was taken on Friday. Look how much the baby has grown in just one day.


Charles Gramlich said...

Awww, das cute! Love seeing baby birds.

Diane said...

They are beautiful! I wish them a long happy life.

Just finished Where Shadows Dance. It kept me up until 1:00 am. Thanks, Candace, for a wild ride! I read the Kindle edition, and I don't know how those are edited, but sometimes spaces didn't appear in the proper order. By that I mean, you would be changing the scene completely, but the double space between the previous scene and the subsequent scene does not appear until well into the next paragraph. It cam be little confusing to the reader, because we assume the first scene is continuing, but then realize that doesn't make sense. Don't know if I make sense but I tried;

POSSIBLY A SPOILER.... Don't continue if you haven't read the book.

May I make a comment here? It seemed so strange to me that Hero could kill THREE, admittedly BAD, guys and see someone's throat being cut, and not, at least, have thrown up afterward. Or perhaps she did, and you just didn't mention it. But it was a bit off-putting to have her remain so cool.

Maybe I just have too much "sensibility."


Pax Deux said...

Not the first time Hero has killed -- she had killed two men before, in equally horrible circumstances. And her composure was similar.

I do suspect, however, she will eventually develop a stomach ailment (ie ulcers) unless she unwinds a bit.LOL.

But I see hints of this already. thanks to Sebastian's influence, she is beginning to grow emotionally. A little sensibility is not a bad thing, and can go a long way. ;-)

Pax Deux said...

I see signs of sensibility, not ulcers. Ugh.

cs harris said...

Charles, there are few babies of any species that aren't cute, even when they're so homely.

Diane, I asked my editor, and she says this is a common problem with e-books. I suggested that some little symbol for scene breaks be put in the next edition, but she warns me they could float and end up in the middle of a paragraph. Sigh. It does make you wonder how Amazon justifies taking 30% off the top.

As for Hero, I see her as a woman who in some ways has even less sensibility than Sebastian. She is at a turning point in her life: without Sebastian, she could have gone on to grow cold and hard and perhaps eventually as amoral as Jarvis. But Sebastian is going to soften her, help her get more in touch with her own emotions, more comfortable with them. Ironically, I worried that I had her reacting TOO much to the killings; she's a very determinedly controlled lady. Can I also say that I once saw a man gored from his groin to his chin (Pamplona) and did not throw up?

Pax Deux, yes, I see Hero as more like a man in her reactions. And her relationship with Sebastian is definitely going to change her.

Diane said...

Ah, then! I will have to talk to Amazon.

Diane said...

Amazon says it is an editorial problem by the publisher, that Amazon has nothing to do with it, and cost is set, also, by the publisher; and we should complain to the publisher, whoever it is.

In other words I didn't get very far with the Kindle people.


cs harris said...

Diane, isn't this the typical runaround? Whenever more than one entity is involved, they point at each other and say, "It's his fault!" Sorry. I asked NAL if they could fix the formatting problems and they said, "It's Amazon!" Sigh.

Krystal Barnett said...

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