Monday, March 07, 2011

Scene of the Crime

I recently did an interview with J. Sydney Jones, the author of the new Viennese Mystery series, set in Vienna in 1900. As Karen Harper says, “What Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did for Victorian London and Caleb Carr did for old New York, J. Sydney Jones does for historic Vienna.” Syd has a blog that focuses on mystery writers and the places they set their books, which means it's a dangerous place for those of us with bulging TBR piles.

The interview is now up at Syd's blog, Scene of the Crime. You can read it here.

(Gorgeous cover, isn't it?)


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll check it out.

Barbara said...

Okay, you've inspired me! Great interview, think I'll check into some of Smith's mysteries. I've been tempted in the past but shied away.

cs harris said...

Charles, it's a great site for mystery lovers.

Barbara, I was late coming to the party with Smith, so then had to go back and scrounge around to get hardcovers. Start with the first book, because it's fascinating to watch the changes as the USSR dissolves into Russia and how Renko adjusts.

Yvonne said...
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paz said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I am always looking for something to tide me over between Sebastians. LOL

nana said...

interesting interview thanks.

I was always wondering if you intended sooner or later to "export" our Dear Sebastian (such as Egypt) & his skill for solving (attracting) murder cases?? but maybe England is too much a character in these mysteries?
(would have totally pictured hero & sebastian sailing for a deadly cruise honeymoon :D)

I LOVE the Arthurian legend so I'm more than eager to read "when maidens mourn". it feels like it's going to be beautifully tragic.

What was missing for me in "where shadows dance" was to be emotionally invested in the mystery. & a lack of urgency to discover the heart of the intrigue.
but even if this new mystery was somewhat confused & complicated, I did enjoy it & you did a really meticulous work.

& even if I should give to WSD a 4 stars (on goodreads), I'm going to give it a 5 stars because I'm totally in love with your last scene *my romantic heart sigh happily* & because you did an amazing job despite your difficult year *hugs*

will check with pleasure the J. Sydney Jones Mysteries, they seem really interesting.

Susan/DC said...

Frank Tallis has a series set in very early 20th C Vienna. The series starts with "A Death in Vienna" (so far each of the books has Vienna in the title). Turn-of-the century Vienna was a center of intellectual and artistic ferment, all of which provide a rich background for both characters and plot. The hero, Max Liebermann is Jewish, which adds another dimension to the books as he is both insider among the artists/intellectuals and yet outsider due to his religion. His best friend is a Christian police captain. They bond over music and together solve crimes using the new field of psychology and old-fashioned footwork. I've only read the first but have bought the next two in the series because I liked it so much. As with your St Cyr books, they are mysteries first but there is a romantic thread which is secondary but adds richness.