Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Lots of Stuff

Yeah, I know I've been MIA again. So, THINGS:

First of all, I've spent the last few weeks going over the galleys for WHERE THE DEAD LIE, coming in April 2017. This is always exciting because it means the book is that much closer to going into production. I've also been correcting the galleys for the paperback version of WHEN FALCONS FALL. Penguin has decided to shift the paperback releases from mass market size to trade. Some people love trade paperbacks, some people hate them. (And others with my OCD tendencies will no doubt object to their collection of the series now being in different sizes--grrr.) The rationale for the change is that outlets such as Target prefer trades and others such as Barnes and Noble keep trades in the store longer than mm. My mm sales have always been sluggish since my readers tend to buy my books when they first come out in either hardcover or ebook.  So basically they are looking for new readers who typically buy trade paperbacks. Anyway, here's the cover for the new trade reprint. I asked them to put more of the original blue and green coloration back in the painting, and they sorta did.

Bouchercon was fun but a bit hectic, and marred by the fact that the hotel had a bad case of mold in their ventilation system. Katrina left me with mold-agrevated adult-onset asthma, so that's part of why I've been missing the last few weeks. Anyway, my panel was great, and Andrew Grant proved to be a fantastic moderator. But what I want to know is, Why do I look like a little kid in this picture? Am I really this short?! Or was everyone else on that panel tall?

And now for the big reveal: I am taking part in a new historical mystery anthology with Susanna Kearsley, Anna Lee Huber, and Christine Trent. Currently titled THE JACOBITE'S WATCH and pitched as in the tradition of The Red Violin, this collection of four novellas will range from the mid-1700s until World War II and tell the story of an infamous pocket watch that wrecks havoc in the lives of those who seek to contain its mysterious force. My novella will be the final one, set in World War II in Kent. The anthology is scheduled to be published sometime in 2018, and should be a lot of fun. So more on this to come.

And, finally, thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts on our recent troubles. My son-in-law is improving daily (although a diagnosis as to what caused his near-death experiences is frighteningly still elusive . . .) Steve has his cast off and is slowly regaining strength in his leg; I've now hurt MY leg and can barely walk. (I'm beginning to think it's a curse . . . ) Fortunately, I no longer have the dog to exercise, although Steve and I both miss Maddie and Zydeco desperately. We're looking forward to them coming to visit at Christmas. (Oh, yeah, my daughter and s-i-l will be coming, too!)


Lynne said...

I'm sure everyone will agree - we're glad to see you're still among the living!!
It's good to know Steve and your son-in-law are both improving - doesn't it seem like everything goes wrong at once? Like a small conspiracy or something... I just cracked up at that picture - and your comment. Why do you look so small? Did they give you a shorter chair? Are you not sitting up straight? Is everyone else 6ft. tall? Very strange...and funny...;-}

I'm excited about the joint venture - sounds like fun. And I'm so glad someone else is OCD about varying sized books. I like trade paper but still have some of my old series in mass market. A good example is all my old Poldark books - bought in the 70's in mm size. But I wanted to add the later books and they're only in trade. Looks tacky on the shelf but gosh, Candy - I guess these are the sacrifices we make for good books.

Thanks for the updates and take care!

Ali said...

hey candy - very glad to hear about your family getting back to health. its a real trial when everything goes wrong at once. suffice it to say had a similar 2 months and was considering seeking out an exorcist or witch doctor to lift the curse. it can really wear you down. And that is an odd photo - its like they cut off the legs of your chair. the child at the big people table. lol.

and i actually new about the new anthology because i also follow anna lee huber. im a fan of her lady Darby series. and so sorry to hear that you are now having a leg issue. hope you are much better soon. thanks for all the good news! best, Ali

cs harris said...

Lynne, it really does seem as if things go wrong in bunches, doesn't it? As for the height thing, I am a little on the short side but I think an unusual percentage of my height must come from my legs--I actually have trouble seeing over a lot of cars' steering wheels. And I am REALLY disgruntled over the varying of the paperbacks' sizes because my bookcase is arranged so that all my mm books--all twenty-something of them-- fit neatly together on a short shelf; now what am I supposed to do?!

cs harris said...

Ali, thanks. And if you find that witch doctor, let me know!

Lynne said...

Let's see - bookshelves... I resigned myself to uneven assortments awhile back but I have the luxury of adjustable shelves for all the fiction. That said, my little OCD heart sympathizes with you. And I'm short like you are, with longer legs. But the picture is just wonky. Maybe all the other folks were just very, very tall. That said it's worth a smile and it looks like Bouchercon was great fun anyway.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

"Double, double toil and trouble..." Ali's idea obviously struck a chord with me, too! Maybe we all could get in touch with our inner Herrmione Grangers, wave our wands and drive that boil down to a simmer?! The main thing is that you are an amazing inspiration for your work, your perseverance and your devotion to your family. And of course I am very excited about your upcoming work. All the best.

JustWingingIt said...

Glad to hear everyone is (sort of, kind of) on the mend. All these back-to-back difficulties must surely mean that better and healthier days are on the way.

I'm very much looking forward to your joint venture with the anthology. Sounds like an interesting premise to follow an object across several owners.

I'm one who buys your books in hardcover, ebook, audio, and mm. I suppose I can tolerate the difference in sizes on my shelves since I've already made my peace with the different styles in covers between the early books and the most recent. Ultimately, what matters is what's inside...and that's pretty darn great. :-)

C'mon April!


paz said...

Love the idea of the collection of novellas on a theme but written by different authors! And these are excellent writers, all of them. Will definitely be waiting for that to show up on Amazon!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Harris. your publisher very kindly donated a copy of Who Buries The Dead to the JASNA/San Diego Jane Austen Birthday Tea this December. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a signed bookplate from you to add to the excitement of this much appreciated gift? I can supply a mailing address if you contact my email . I am thrilled to be able to introduce your novels to our membership here in San Diego. Sincerely, Paula

cs harris said...

Barbara, the woman who normally cleans my house has been going through an even worse time for the last six months, so I know it could be worse.

Veronica, you are more forgiving than I. I'm seriously cranky about it. I have all my paperbacks from the time I started writing on one shelf--and its a short shelf. Harrumph.

Paz, I just hope I can write something that's only 100 pages! Never tried that before.

Paula, Im sending you an email. Sorry for the delay.

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