Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Bouchercon, the premier mystery convention, is happening this week in New Orleans, and yes I will be there, if not exactly with bells on. 

I'll be on a panel at 9:30 am Friday in Mardi Gras Room D. Also on Friday I'll be doing a Sebastian St. Cyr book signing at 2:40 in the Bookworm. AND I'll be signing Good Time Coming at 12:40 on Thursday in the Bookworm. This standalone historical isn't officially released in the States until December, but they will have copies there for sale. 

In other news, I took Zydeco and Maddie back to San Antonio this past weekend, which was an extraordinarily hard thing to do. One can grow enormously attached to furry little guys in six weeks. But my son-in-law is slowly improving, and he really wanted his friends back to cuddle while he convalesces. Plus, with the convention coming up, I would have needed to board Zydeco for five days and that would not have been good for his psyche. We were hoping Steve would be walking well enough by this week to take over while I was gone, but a few weeks ago he tried to do too much, fell, and broke his right leg (yes; really). So now he's in a cast. Thankfully it isn't a bad break.

But I really missed my tail-wagging companion on my walk this morning. And sitting down to write without little missy's help is just wrenching. On the other hand, Angel is very glad to have his house and people back to himself.


JustWingingIt said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about Steve's leg. Ouch! Glad to hear that it wasn't a bad break at least and that your son-in-law is doing better.


Lynne said...

Glad to hear that the men are on the mend - sort of - and have fun at Boucheron. It sounds like great fun! Tell Steve that he need to watch where he puts his feet so he'll back to normal soon.

Charles Gramlich said...


paz said...

Good luck with Bouchercon, it sounds like a lot of fun. A efficient recovery to Steve (want to avoid references to speed LOL) Is that a recent picture of your son in law? If so , he looks well. And with those two in the house, he will have lots of reasons to feel good all day long. !

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cs harris said...

Paz, thanks. Both are really improving.