Saturday, October 29, 2016


When I was a kid, my favorite time of year was always summer. It was a no brainer: no school, and long days spent playing outside in the sun or reading, reading, reading. As the mother of young children I still loved summer, spent largely at the beach or exploring the Adelaide Hills with my girls. Then I moved to New Orleans. Summers here are brutal and endless, and my heat tolerance seems to have gone away. So my new favorite season is autumn, when the mornings are actually cool and I can work out in the garden without suffering heat stroke. It's wonderful.

I'm still chugging away at my next Sebastian book, #13, which still has no title (yeah, I'm starting to panic about that). It should be finished by now, but I am having a hard time concentrating thanks to the election. (I will be so glad when it is over!) I've also been doing the research for the World War II novella I'll be writing. Research is always fun, and it's the one thing that can distract me from obsessively reading about the you-know-what.

My new standalone historical, GOOD TIME COMING, has received some wonderful reviews, including a starred review from Booklist. I hope to get those up next week. In other news, Steve is gradually improving, but my son-in-law had surgery last week and we're waiting on test results. Scary times. On a lighter note, here's a picture my daughter sent me of Maddie, who's growing up fast. She and Zydeco may be coming to stay with us again. More soon.


Charles Gramlich said...

I always loved fall, even when I was a kid. Summer too, of course, because I was off.

Ali said...

Candy - i couldn't agree more. Summer was the best as a child. we spent it in the Adirondacks on a lake with our cousins. then before i knew it i was 17 and that meant staying home and working a summer job. the key of course is the word job. although weather-wise the fall has always been my favorite but here in the north its become almost nonexistent. we seem to go from 82 to 32 in just a few days. they say Wednesday it will 70 here in NYC. too weird. maddie looks adorable. i cant wait till i can adopt some pets. the time is getting closer. hope to be in the south in 18 months. i will keep Steve and your son-in-law in my prayers. good luck with writing and the title! Best, Ali

Ali said...

PS - im not sure what channel this is in NOLA but PBS - Nature channel is doing a 2 part series starting this Wednesday called From the Desert to Domesticated: The Story of Cats. it looks really excellent for any cat lover. and of course i thought of you. Best, Ali

cs harris said...

Charles, oddly enough, I hated fall as a child, probably because it meant going back to school + the coming of cold.

Ali, one of the things I dislike about New Orleans is the way we go from cold to hot and back again. Didn't realize that was also happening elsewhere. and I'll be sure to look for the Nature special on cats--thanks.

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I always loved fall, even when I was a kid

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