Thursday, November 06, 2014

ALMOST Finished. Sort of.

I'm almost finished with the first draft of the eleventh Sebastian St. Cyr book.

Of course, finishing the first draft is a long ways from being "finished." I always have a lot of smoothing to do and missing scenes to write and general tidying up. Hopefully that won't take too long because the due date is barreling down on me. And I still don't have a title for this one, not even a working title, which is somewhat disconcerting.

Next week I hope to get organized enough to do the ARC giveaway for my blog readers. I'll also be doing one on my Facebook page at . So if you're on Facebook and you haven't "Liked" my page, be sure to do so!


Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Huzzah! It sounds a bit like you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The characters, the intrigue, the setting, the period - I love the whole package and I'll pre-order it as soon as I can! One thing I especially appreciate is how you deftly handle your main and supporting characters. Sebastian and Hero are always at the front of my mind when I read, but the histories and machinations of the supporting characters are not far behind. Love it. Love the photo, too.

Charles Gramlich said...

Book 11, Wow!

Josie said...

hi candy!

eleven - spinal tap would be impressed :-)

can i ask how many books did you originally envision for this series? i'm re-reading "angels" again and i'm kinda visualizing where you were as you wrote that as compared to where you are now with number 11.


cs harris said...

Barbara, thanks so much! One of the reasons I decided to write historical mystery rather than contemporary was because I wanted to be able to focus on character rather than forensics.

Charles, I know; scary, isn't it?! Seems like only yesterday....

cs harris said...

Josie, I actually figured about 8 originally, but quickly realized I wasn't going to be able to do what I envisioned with Sebastian's life in such a short span. Now I'm thinking 16 or so, but I just got this great idea for a really neat new twist that involves Jarvis....

JustWingingIt said...

It always makes my heart dance a little bit when I log in here and see some mention of the latest book. It reminds me that good things await. How many books are you planning? A lot, I hope. :)


JustWingingIt said...

Oops! I see that you already answered the "how many books" question. Your answer makes me doubly happy today! Not only did I get a tidbit on an upcoming Sebastian book but also the news that are are several more books to come. And a twist involving Jarvis? I expect nothing less from the man. lol



paz said...

Oh, a Jarvis twist, yes! And some more Tom, who I want to see grow up. And of course, Kat we cant forget fascinating Kat, or still new to us Jamie Knox ...

Suzanne said...

That is really exciting news! I love spending time with Sebastian, Hero and their friends; and enemies. It is fantastic to know that we have lots more to come.

Lynne said...

Oh, please, let the "Jarvis twist" involve a long sea voyage with no chance of return. He is the slimiest man! No, wait...maybe just keep having Sabastian make his life miserable. It always does my heart good when he gets the better of his father-in-law. Either way, I'm glad the series will go on and on for awhile. Something to look forward to every year!

Susan J. said...

It's great to think that I now have at least three more Sebastian books to look forward to, including my pre-ordered one in March. I was thinking the other day how few books there are that keep you waiting for the next book in anticipation. If only there were more like yours! There seem to be many inferior books set in the Regency era, mostly written by Americans who have no idea of a real English atmosphere but you are not of that type, somehow you have the ability to imagine yourself in another country and another time.

hwueste said...

It's great to know there are more books to come. I was wondering and thinking not too long ago about how sad I will be when you have finished the series and I don't have the wonderful anticipation of the new book and the joyful read when it arrives. I don't know of any series I have read that has spanned the time like you have teased us with Sebastian and his world. I would not want to live then, but oh how I love reading and learning about the period and of course, what's happening in Sebastian's world. Congratulations on your progress with the new book. Like all your followers, I too look forward reading it. Thank you....... Holly

le fleur said...

Can't wait for the ARC giveaway! Hurry up and finish!! :D

Sorry about your cats :( (sorry, catching up on your old posts)I know they struggled their whole lives and it must have been hard for you…

Anonymous said...

c- good God im really having memory issues. i could have sworn i made a comment last week. yikes. anyway, i can hardly wait for book 10! March is still so far away. did i mention you can now pre-order on amazon! speaking of Jarvis. I've always imagined a plot where Kat is in deadly danger from him and Hero saves her. that would fix him. Good luck with 11. best, ali

cs harris said...

Testing? Google has locked me out of everything for the past six days while I was out of town.

cs harris said...

Veronica, I love Sebastian and Company so much I will have a big hole in my life when I reach the end.

Paz, yes, Kat will be back after her year's hiatus, although I know some don't like her.

Suzanne, I honestly will be surprised if I can shoehorn everything I have left into five or six books!

Lynne, he is a fun character because he is SO amoral.

Susan, thank you; that is wonderful to know.

Holly, I admit I wouldn't want to actually live then, either--although when I have computer and technology issues it sounds tempting!

le fleur, thank you. It was quite an experience, our Year of the Shaky Kittens.

Ali, that's a great idea! I just might steal it....

Susan J. said...

I was wondering, if you take Sebastian up to 1815, will you have him involved in the battle of Waterloo in anyway? Maybe he could be visiting Paris in the aftermath, as many people did and get involved in a solving a crime there somehow. Maybe you could write Lady Caroline Lamb into it! That would be interesting.

cs harris said...

Susan, I'm not telling!

Le Fleur said...

Not really a fb fan, but for your ARC giveaway, I guess I can be :D

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