Thursday, November 13, 2014

WHY KINGS CONFESS Nominated for RT Reviewer's Choice Award

I've just heard Why Kings Confess has been nominated for RT's Reviewers Choice Award for Best Historical Mystery of 2014, which is nice.

I was gone most of this past week visiting my daughter in Texas (that's me with Zydeco, her latest rescue). I'd hoped to get the climax of #11 written before I left, but that didn't happen. So now I think I might go back and revise the rest of the book before I push through to the end. I do still intend to do the Who Buries the Dead ARC giveaway, but I'll have to do it later as this week is turning out to be a tad bit hectic. 

It was beyond wonderful to get to spend time with my daughter, who is a doctor with the Air Force in San Antonio. But I came home to a bunch of clingy, unhappy cats, a sick kitten, a pile of laundry, a dead landline, and my Internet access in disarray as everyone from Google to Facebook locked me out when I tried to log on from San Antonio. And now it is freezing here in New Orleans, which means dragging all the frangipani into the garage for the winter, and wrapping up vulnerable plants, and generally whining a lot.


Anonymous said...

Wow, quite a list of attention grabbing things. A sick kitten. The only kitten you have is Indie, right? Hope he is doing OK. And wait, aren't you "holding" your daughter's cats for her (Rosco and Peanut)? How come she has another rescue? Hmmm...I'm seeing a trend. It is pretty cold here this week in Seattle as well. Good luck getting everything set for the early winter. Hope next week is better and looking forward to the ARC giveaway. Sabena

Anonymous said...

Oops - forgot to say Congrats on the nomination. S

cs harris said...

Sabena, I must admit I was a tad cranky when I heard she'd rescued a dog, but once I met him I understood completely. He's the sweetest, most pathetic thing. He was horribly abused, but very happy now. And yes, it's Indie who is having terrible digestive issues. Not sure why.

Lynne said...

There will be no whining about the temp. It is even colder in Spokane than Seattle so have some sympathy for Sabena and myself. Your daughter's pup looks as sweet as can be - I imagine she couldn't resist that face. And give Indie a kiss for me - he's just the cutest little guy. Oh, and yes, that nomination is just terrific! Way to go, girl!!

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on that nomination. Excellent. I'm kind of enjoying the cold weather.

Anonymous said...

C- well at least your daughter comes by the rescue habit naturally. or as my sister would say "she didn't get that by licking it off the grass" don't ask me. and i'm sure you deserved and needed the visit/break - too bad nobody else thought so. all that aside, congratulations on the nomination! i checked out the website - new to me. at least there are people out there with excellent taste besides us. good luck! can't wait to hear more about the giveaway. and its 45 in the big apple. but 95 in our office. it's the 21st century and things still don't work right. have a great weekend.
best, ali

JustWingingIt said...

Congrats on the RT nomination! It is well deserved in my humble opinion. While I also read and enjoy the Gaslight mystery series, Sebastian is by far my favorite. Is this something we, as readers, can vote on?

Sounds like you had a nice visit with your daughter. I live in San Antonio so I hope our city treated you well.


cs harris said...

Lynne, aw, can't I whine a little? It's so miserable when it gets cold here! And the six sets of old French doors don't help.

Charles, thank you. And you've always had way more cold tolerance than I.

Ali, thanks. And that is a very strange expression!

Veronica, I did enjoy it, thanks, although I must admit that if I had to live with that traffic I'd need drugs.

paz said...
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paz said...

Congrats on the nomination! Recognition long over due, say I. As for the reworking the book... you are a tease, Ms. Harris!

When my mother was still alive, and we traveled abroad to visit her, it was yahoo that gave me the fits. I would end up locking myself out repeatedly, and having to CALL them... Needless to say, that experience made the customer service staff at various nameless cable companies seem like over eager boy scouts.
So defeated, I gave in and shared my cell with google. At least now I can use their annoying little security codes and stay connected.

Lynne said...

Okay, Candy...old, leaky French windows are worth a little whine (or wine?). But think 14F if you're feeling bad. Is Indie any better?

cs harris said...

Paz, part of the problem was that it wasn't until this disaster I realized everyone had my old pre-Katrina cell phone number. At least this gave me the opportunity to get it all fixed before the book tour.

Lynne, I was looking at those temps of minus 14 in Denver and thinking, Thank GOD I don't live there any more! Our measly thirty-five is killing me. As for Indie, I'm afraid he's much sicker than I realized. It may be something he's had since before we rescued him that has flared up, or it could be a scary auto-immune thing. He's on two different meds and I am terrified. I am hopelessly attached to that little guy. He's such a little darling.

Le Fleur said...

Congrats on the Reviewer's Choice Award for Best Historical Mystery nomination!

Le Fleur said...

OH, and I agree, I think the "rescue the poor animal" thing must be genetic ;)

Susan J. said...

So pleased you got the award, you certainly deserve it. I wish you could get more well known here, I would love to see a BBC production made of a Sebastian book. Do you have an agent? If so, you should get them to approach the BBC. There seems to be a fashion for period crime at the moment, what with 'Ripper Street' and 'Peaky Blinders' etc.
As to the weather, it sounds actually colder than here at the moment! We are having quite mild weather, it's about 14c here.
Hope your little kitten is OK.

cs harris said...

Le Fleur, thank you. And I'm afraid you may be right...

Susan, I've only been nominated so far; won't know if I get it until next spring. I do have an agent and would dearly love to be picked up by a British publisher, while a BBC production would be my idea of heaven. I keep hoping and hoping, but it's hard.

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on the nomination it is very well deserved. It seems like so many people are having internet issues. I was off the air for a week. My email and internet was stuffed up by the windows 8.1 download, which I didn't want anyway, and being so close to Christmas I had to wait a week until I had a free day to get my computer guru over to fix it. I should be sending the bill to Microsoft!

I am very sorry to hear about Indie. Do cats get food intolerances? I know dogs do. A man I used to work with had a malamute who developed severe digestives problems. He was so sick the family were distraught because they thought he might have to be put down. Then the vet discovered that he was glutton intolerant. After he was taken off food with wheat in it he was as right as rain.

cs harris said...

Suzanne, I think our modern pet food can cause a lot of problems. Thomasina, my 16 year old calico, has terrible digestive issues which are aggravated by a fish intolerance, and I think Rosco is developing one. Indie seems to be responding to treatment but we'll see what happens when he finishes the meds.

And why is Blogger now asking me to prove I'm not a robot? Anyone else getting this?

Susan J. said...

Stranger things have happened. Somebody responsible for making programmes for the BBC was rooting through a second hand book shop and descovered a 'George Gently' detective novel and the rest is history;several series of the 1960's set detective series followed. (Does that get shown in America?)

Suzanne said...

I have been getting the prove you're not a robot thing here fro about 2 weeks.

cs harris said...

Susan, it would be so nice!

Suzanne, I didn't set that up. How odd.

Le Fleur said...

I think your books would be perfect for a BBC thing!!!

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