Saturday, October 21, 2006

Whenever I Start to Get Frustrated...

(Above: my office a year ago)

I’m still working at getting my office back in some semblance of order. I’ve replaced all the bookcases I lost in Katrina, but I’m still missing some key pieces of furniture, such as my filing cabinet and a large built-in cabinet on one wall. Some of the smaller pieces—an end table, a rug, and a lamp that needs to be rewired—would make the room more comfortable but aren’t crucial. I also have no curtains, because the frame for the arched front window is still missing. Oh, and I have a bunch of leftover boxes of tiles stacked up on the hearth. I look at this room and think, How did I ever write a book in here?

Back in April, when I really started trying to get MERMAIDS written, my office was the only room on the bottom floor of the house with finished walls. I try to focus on that, on how far we’ve come, rather than on far we still have to go.


ElsieHogarth said...

Hi Candice!
It is nice to hear that "little by little" you are getting your home to not only the way you remember but they way you want it to be.

Last night, I read "What Angels Fear" and loved it. I'm hoping things will work out for Sebastian and Kat. I loved the secondary characters and can't wait to see what will happen with Sebastian's father-Hendon and sister-Amanda. I have already preordered "When Gods Die" and look forward to another enjoyable night of reading.

hmk said...

What Angels Fear was very, very good, thank you!

AFA your fear about being an 'awful writer', only in an alternate universe.

I have adopted the Lewis Hine quote for myself: "If I could write, I wouldn't have to lug this camera".

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