Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Coming' at Ya in One Week!

One week from today, Tuesday, April 4, is the official release date for WHERE THE DEAD LIE, the twelfth in the Sebastian St. Cyr series. To whet your appetite, here's a sneak peek at the beginning!

Chapter 1

Monday, 13 September 1813: hours before dawn
The boy hated this part. Hated the eerie way the pale, waxen faces of the dead seemed to glow in the faintest moonlight. Hated being left alone with a stiffening body while he dug its grave.
He kicked the shovel deep into the ground and felt his heart leap painfully in his chest when the scrape of dirt against metal sounded dangerously loud in the stillness of the night. He sucked in a quick breath, the musty smell of damp earth thick in his nostrils, his fingers tightening on the smooth wooden handle as he paused to cast a panicked glance over one shoulder.
A mist was drifted up from the Fleet to curl around the base of the nearby shot tower and creep along the crumbling brick walls of the abandoned warehouses beyond it. He heard a dog bark somewhere in the distance and, nearer, a soft thump.
What was that?
The boy waited, his mouth dry, his body tense and trembling. But the sound was not repeated. He swiped a ragged sleeve across his sweaty face, swallowed hard, and bent into his work. He was uncomfortably aware of the cloaked gentleman watching from the seat of the cart that waited at the edge of the field. The gentleman had helped drag Benji’s body over to the looming shot tower. But he never helped dig. Gentlemen didn’t dig graves, although they could and did kill with a vicious delight that made the boy shiver as he threw another shovelful of dirt onto the growing pile.
The hole was beginning to take shape. Another six inches or so and he’d—
The boy’s head snapped around, and he froze.
A ragged, skeletally thin figure lurched from the gaping doorway of one of the tumbledown warehouses. “Wot ye doin’ there?”
The shovel hit the ground with a clatter as the boy bolted. He fell into the newly dug grave and went down, floundering in the loose dirt. Feet flailing, he reared up on splayed hands, found solid ground, and pushed off.
“Oye!” shouted the ghostly specter.
The boy tore across the uneven field, his breath soughing in and out, his feet pounding. He saw the gentleman in the cart jerk, saw him gather the reins and spank them hard against his horse’s rump.
“Wait for me!” screamed the boy as the cart lurched forward, its iron-rimmed wheels rattling over the rutted lane. “Stop!’
The gentleman urged the horse into a wild canter. He did not look back.
The boy leapt a low, broken stretch of the stone wall that edged the field. “Come back!”
The cart careened around the corner and out of sight, but the boy tore after it anyway. Surely the gentleman would stop for him? He wouldn’t simply leave him, would he?
Would he?
The boy was sobbing now, his nose running, his chest aching as he fought to draw air into his lungs. It wasn’t until he reached the corner himself that he dared risk a frantic look back. That’s when he realized the skeletal figure wasn’t following him.
The man—for the boy saw now that it was a man and not some hideous apparition—had paused beside the raw, unfinished grave. And he was staring down at what was left of Benji Thatcher. 


Beth said...

Annoying me ... usually one whets one's appetite, not wets it. https://www.copyediting.com/wet-your-whistle-and-whet-your-appetite/#.WNqI9xLyt24

Looking forward to the book ... :-)

cs harris said...

Beth, sorry! If you only knew what is happening in my life this week! I'll fix it.

Toni Kelly said...

March 4? I thought it was April?

cs harris said...

Toni, it is April! This is why I should not try to do three things at once. Off to fix again.

Shalini said...

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Ali said...

I know this is going to sound incredibly gruesome or maybe even disturbing but a year ago on April 4th my mom passed away. And I have been trying to think of a way to spend the day without becoming too depressed. And I just realized I can spend it reading Where the Dead Lie! I used to read to mom from different Sebastian stories. She loved Hero. Good luck with all the craziness a new book brings. Best, Ali

Anonymous said...

As always....can't wait. Sabena

Kathie Moore said...

I've been anxious for this new installment since last August! I've started re-listening to the series in preparation. When will the audio book be released?

Kathie Moore said...

I've been anxious for this new installment since last August! I've started re-listening to the series in preparation. When will the audio book be released?

cs harris said...

Ali, so sorry to hear about your mother. Anniversaries are always hard. Hope being able to lose yourself in a book helps.

Sabina, very soon now1

Kathie, I have asked, and they say it's being made, but no one seems to be able to tell me when it will be available. Sigh.

Suzanne said...

I am really looking forward to reading this. Sadly my copy will take about 3 weeks to arrive from the US. But I am sure it will be worth the wait. I still haven't got to Good Time Coming. It was supposed to arrive in mid August, when I had plenty of time to read it, but I think it must have been shipped via Outer Mongolia because it didn't arrive until late September. By which time life had gone a bit crazy. I am hoping to get stuck into it after I finish the new Sebastian later this month.

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