Friday, March 31, 2017

Interview Podcast

I did an interview last week with Susan Larson for The Reading Life. It's a great interview, and you can listen to it on podcast here:

I talk about the background of Where the Dead Lie and my ideas for the future of the series, as well as my new standalone historical, Good Time Coming. My interview is second, and comes at around 13:40.


Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Great interview, Candace. Thanks for sharing. Actually, I enjoyed both interviews. Of course I am just biding my time until Tuesday when I can dive into the next chapter of Sebastian and Hero's life. Maybe I will be able to make it to NOLA in the next few years for one of your signings.

cs harris said...

Thank you, Barbara. And it would be wonderful to see you at a signing!

Anonymous said...

Finished it last night. Loved it! I so love Aunt Henrietta - thank you for including her in her mauve and turquoise. I can picture it. Don't want to say anything to give anything away yet, but as always, just masterful. I read through it so fast that I'm sure I missed much. I will now go back and re-read to savor every word. Thanks, Candy, for once again entertaining, educating and thrilling us with your wonderful words and story. Sabena

Andrea said...

I greatly enjoy your books. It gave me something to look forward to last year when I was laid up with a broken ankle and again this spring during a less than wonderful period. You make me care about all of the characters. I still like Mr. Darcy the cat. I am only guessing, but hoping, about the direction you might be taking with Jarvis and a possible future murder investigation, which should give Hero a major role in a future volume.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Yes! Reading Andrea's comment I see I have company in my suspicion. This is a wonderful, wonderful part of the series, Candy. Bravo and thank you.

paz said...

Did my first reading last week... Was very sad to see Hero's mother die. Nevertheless, it frees Hero to a certain extent to be even more confrontational with her father. And I think it will be a double murder investigation... or a really clever red herring.

JustWingingIt said...

Just finished and I share the same suspicions about the surprise death. Perhaps Hero will take the lead in a murder investigation, hmmm?

The book was excellent as usual and I eagerly look forward to seeing Sebastian deliver on his threat.

I also liked all the smaller, emotional moments between some of the characters...some that I didn't even know that I wanted or needed (i.e. the moment between Sebastian and Lady Jarvis). Those moments were like little, individual oases amidst the darkness of the crimes.

And now begins the long wait for the next book.


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy,

Just wanted to say congratulations on another stellar addition to the St. Cyr mysteries. As always, I love every second, and then have a massive book hangover after I've finished :)I was also really happy to see Kat back in the books. She always was a favorite of mine.
Any suggestions for some good books I can read until next year?
Thanks so much!
p.s. Your stand alone also was AMAZING

Rebecca said...

I just finished my first reading. Serial killers and child molestation are my least favorite types of mystery (of course I am sure no one actually likes them!) But I think that you did confront the subject of homeless children and all the horrors they suffer in a compelling but not salacious way. My own capacity for violence surfaces when I wish painful deaths upon villains such as the two in this story.
I enjoyed the way you brought about the restoration of Sebastian's relationship with Hendon; and great job ramping up our distrust of Jarvis, I was almost beginning to think the Sebastian/Jarvis relationship was thawing a bit. I look forward to all the new stories about to unfold. Sadly it will be a LONG wait.

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cs harris said...

Sabena, so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you.

Andrea, thank you. Hope you feel better. Sounds like you've been having a rough time of it.

Barbara, yes, this book ads an important new thread.

Paz, yes, that was hard to do, but necessary.

Veronica, well, it will be a while because at the moment everyone thinks her death was natural.

Anon, thank you, and so glad you enjoyed GOOD TIME COMING! As to other things to read, have you tried James Lee Burke's Robicheaux series, and Martin Cruz Smith?

Rebecca, I agree with you on the serial killers, which is why it's strange that I wrote this one! All through writing it, I kept asking myself, Why?!

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