Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Happy Mardi Gras!

This is the time of the year when everyone else in the country hums along working as usual while New Orleans spends ten days throwing a crazy wild party. Even if you don't go to parades (and I'll confess that these days I usually only go one day or night), it's hard to escape the spirit of the times. A huge percentage of businesses and factories close Monday and Tuesday; all the schools do (actually, many are closed on Wednesday, too, in anticipation of everyone being too hungover to be of any use).

So here are some photos, including a shot of the 610 Stompers, a male marching group that is a real hoot. And at the end is a video I made for Danielle a few years ago when she was going to school down in Florida and very unhappy that she was missing all the fun. Happy Mardi Gras, everyone!


Betty Strohecker said...

How cool! I've never been to New Orleans, but I read a contemporary mystery series by Laura Childs that is set there. She describes the parades and floats in detail, with competition that is involved among the crews. Makes me want to visit sometime. My husband's ship was in port for Mardi Gras long ago, and he said it was a wild experience.

I am a relatively new fan, who started collecting your books several years ago. Got around to reading them in 2015, and I have two more to finish in time for the new release. Love your characters, plot, and in depth descriptions! My daughter loves the series also.

C. S. Harris said...

Thanks so much, Betty. Glad to hear you're enjoying the series. And yes, Mardi Gras is well worth a visit. There's nothing quite like it.

Lynne said...

If not for you, Candy, I would forget all about Mardi Gras. That's what comes from being a westerner. Nice post and pictures to remind me! And Suzanne and I made Betty do it!! We'll be reading Falcons together in a couple of weeks. I'm trying to finish the second Poldark book (Demelza) before I get yours. (Want to be ready for the new season when it hits the airwaves.)

Have a wonderful Mardi Gras celebration!

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

We visited almost twenty years ago and, believe it or not, I miss it. I am definitely coming back, I just don't know when. I thought of you, the whole city, yesterday, and toasted 'y'all'. The photos are great- the 610 Stompers! 70's workout gear, gotta make you laugh!

Charles Gramlich said...

Xavier is closed today, so I'm enjoying a day off from work to do things like wash dishes, wash clothes, and get groceries.

C. S. Harris said...

Lynne, I read the Poldark books long ago, when the original series was on TV. I keep debating whether or not to watch the new one.

Barbara, it is a lot of fun.

Charles, yeah, I stayed home, too. Tuesday is just too crowded for me in my decrepit old age.

Lynne said...

Candy, the new series was very good. Lots more scenery - because cinematography has advanced so much from the 70's. And the acting was excellent in the new version. Like you, I was a skeptic until I read an article interviewing Robin Ellis. He was extremely pleased with the remake and since he's the ultimate Ross Poldark to me I take that as praise. Amazon has it streaming and I think Netflix has the dvd's so give it a try - I think you'll be pleased. And the books are every bit as satisfying the second time around - Winston Graham was really a fine writer.

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