Tuesday, February 16, 2016

And Another Great Review, This One from Library Journal

Release date is just two weeks away! I'm currently nursing an awful cold and trying to summon the energy to clean up the mess left by some "minor" renovations that were supposed to take 1 1/2 days last week and instead $$$$$stretched to yesterday. But anyway, here is a great review from Library Journal:

WHEN FALCONS FALL: A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery by C. S. Harris
"When Emily Chance's body is discovered near the Shropshire village of Ayleswick-on-Teme in 1813, the local squire calls on Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, to investigate the suspicious death. Sebastian soon discovers that the widow was not what she pretended to be and several people had motives for her murder. [I'm going to snip a few lines here about aristocrats and smugglers and Lucien Bonaparte because I don't want to give away a key plot point.] It's up to Sebastian and Hero, his intrepid wife, to figure out which secret killed Emily before it destroys them, too. VERDICT Harris's 11th series installment (after Who Buries the Dead) is both an engrossing tangled mystery and astonishing tale about a tragic search for identity. An excellent choice for St. Cyr fans and readers of historical mysteries. ---Marlene Harris, Reading Reality, LLC, Duluth, GA"


Charles Gramlich said...

Thumbs up!

Ali said...

so great!! its making me crazy to get my copy. i think i will have to take the next day off. I will most likely read through the night!! best, ali

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

You know, I think the best thing about these reviews is the knowledge that your work never disappoints. The accolades are well deserved. I note that this one comes from another resident of GA - pretty cool. Like Ali, I'm excited for the release date. Take care.

JustWingingIt said...

Congrats on the kudos! The praise just keeps rolling in though, really, it should come as no surprise since this series is excellent. I just received my email from Amazon confirming the delivery date on my preorder so that was exciting! Not long to wait now.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to try and read it slowly so that I can savor the story. ..... Oh, who am I kidding. I know I'll be up all night reading so fast to find out what happens. Maybe the 2nd time through it will be slowly. Congrats on the fantastic reviews. Sabena

Ali said...

I do the same as Sabena. My first read is speedy and then I wait a day or 2 usually over the weekend - and take my time so I can appreciate it more. I plan to read Who Buries the Dead right before so I'm in right place. Best, Ali

Suzanne said...

Lynne and Betty and I are going to read it together. We do that a lot and it's really a fun way to read. We set a chapter count, read it, and then discuss it and exchange theories before we move on. It makes the book last longer and you pick up so many more of the little things along the way. Things I usually miss when I rush through it on my own.

We will be starting a few days late this time as it isn't going to be available on kindle and my copy will take a few days to be posted to Australia. I am really looking forward to it!

Shirley Gallagher said...

I got an email from Amazon stating my copy will be arriving here next Tuesday! I'm so excited!

cs harris said...

Thanks, everyone!

Lynne, Betty, and Suzanne, that sounds like fun. I remember reading the Lymond books like that.

get homework online said...

I'm quite interested to read this book. It seems to be something fascinating!

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