Wednesday, November 04, 2015


So I finished the rough draft of this guy today. It's still months away from being ready to turn in as it's a very rough draft, with probably at least 30-40 pages worth of missing scenes. But it's always a huge relief to get to this stage--evil murderer all rolled up, lose ends tied up; phew, it works!

This one has seemed more troublesome than usual, although perhaps that's mainly due to the fact that I took three trips while writing it plus redid my website. I also lost a dearly loved kitten and lived through a rather traumatic upheaval in my publishing house. Oh, and both my daughters got engaged!

This is #12, due out March 2017. Before this one comes WHEN FALCONS FALL, which is coming in March 2016. And soon I need to start thinking about #13 . . . . Oh, dear; I hope it won't be bad luck!


Szuanne said...

Well done. That is quite an achievement considering what a difficult time you have had over the past few months. I hope you are feeling very pleased with yourself because you should.

Anonymous said...

So excited for you. Not so much for us readers - too far out there. Congrats on the book and the engagements. Does this mean you are going to be planning weddings while writing what I choose to look at as lucky number 13? tell us anything you can about the plot of this one, although since we haven't read Falcons yet it may be difficult. Go enjoy a nice cup of coffee (or champagne) to celebrate. Sabena

Lynne said...

Wait! Stop the presses! Who cares about the books? The girls both got engaged?!?! Aren't you just thrilled for them? How cool! And it really is great that the draft is done, too. But engagements and weddings are always cause for celebration. Pour a glass of wine for you and Steve and relax. Congratulations, Candy!

Susan J. said...

How lovely for you that both daughters are engaged. I've always found number thirteen lucky, I passed an exam that I took on that day once, so keep positive! I agree with Lynne about the glass of wine, there can never be enough excuses to enjoy a glass of wine! Cheers!

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Huzzah! So much wonderful news from your corner of the world. I have two sons, so can only imagine the joy of daughters in love. As always, the further adventures of Sebastian and Hero are sweet anticipation. Thanks for sharing.

cs harris said...

Suzanne, I think I'm more relieved than anything else.

Sabena, I think I might celebrate with a hot fudge sunday! And I've been subtlety convincing my girls to elope to the beach since they were little (big weddings practically give me hives), so we'll see what happens.

Lynne, yes, I am indeed very excited! They got their rings on the same day, despite being 4 years apart in age. And I think these guys are keepers.

Susan, well, let's hope you're right about the #13!

Barbara, they are both very happy, which means I'm happy.

Anonymous said...

candy - congratulations on both your next book and the engagements. very exciting. elopements sound like a good idea to me. save the money for something else. like homes and kids and trips. cant wait till march. at least its getting closer. how about a hot fudge sundae and champagne!! why settle for one. best, ali

Szuanne said...

One of my work colleagues eloped. We all got an email out of the blue saying "by the time you read this I will be married." It was so romantic!

Charles Gramlich said...

Nice to know that it works. Everything else can be fixed

JustWingingIt said...

I always love seeing a new Sebastian book, in however rough a state, taking it's first breath of air (so to speak).

And a huge congratulations on the news of your daughters' engagements! You are going to be even more busy now, I suspect, though for all the best reasons.


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