Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Audio Books!

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Life has been aggravating this past week for reasons I won't particularize. But I do have some new audio book covers to show you. Here's the final version of the Recorded Books edition of Why Mermaids Sing:

This is actually the third version. I can show you the second version because for some reason it's up on Amazon. Needless to say, I did not like the red lipstick, and they surprised me by taking my suggestion they cut the mermaid off at the chin. Here's the original second version:

Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to show you the first version, which featured a different mermaid with a shell bra and a very prominent bellybutton. No, I'm not kidding.

Anyway, here is the cover for the upcoming Where Serpents Sleep:

I asked that they make the font of the title darker. Maybe I shouldn't have shown it yet? Oh well.

In other news, I've signed up for Bouchercon, the mystery/thriller convention that will be in New Orleans next September. If you like that sort of thing, maybe I'll see you there?

I am also chugging ahead with my plan to gradually release my Candice Proctor backlist as ebooks. I was going to release Midnight Confessions first and I have a gorgeous new cover for it, but, ahem, that has hit a snag (some of the "I won't particularize" stuff that's been affecting my blood pressure this week). But I will be going ahead with the release of Beyond Sunrise, although it will have only "Candice Proctor" on the cover rather than "C. S. Harris writing as Candice Proctor." (Yeah, you can read something between the lines there.)

And, finally, I have a new keyboard because this guy knocked a cup of coffee over on my old one and killed it. He's cranky because he's no longer allowed on my lap while I'm drinking anything at the computer and he's convinced I'm just being so mean. Which translates into, Let's bite Candy's foot. 

Hopefully next week will be better?


paz said...

Happy to get any of your old books. Since Sunrise is my particular favorite, maybe I am a little happier, actually. I know all about killed/fried keyboards, and don't even have cats -- toddlers will do. The audio book cover of is good without the lipstick, as many things in life are. The one with the sea shells, well, maybe the designer asked their toddler for ideas.

Lynne said...

The covers are rather cool - sort of atmospheric like the new header on the website. Belly button and shell bra????? Hmmm...let's not go there. And the cat must be related to my parakeet. She's convinced that the keyboard was specifically designed for her personal enjoyment. And I don't really want birdie "doodles" in the crevices. So you have my sympathy, Candy. (She bites my hand if I push her away.) Looking forward to the reissues - I've not read them so I'll have to put them on my list.

Charles Gramlich said...

Gonna have to try and go to boucher con next year if it's going to be in New Orleans

Anonymous said...

C- those audio covers are great. and i cant wait to get all the CP books on my kindle. as of now i just have the 2. Bouchercon sounds like just my kind of thing. i am going to look into it. and since i have never been to New Orleans it may be just the reason to get me there. My cat Pumpkin once dragged an entire frozen chicken off the counter and chewed on it for hours but no keyboards in my house. but my cats would have loved your cats. best, Ali

Susan J. said...

Funny story about your keyboard, I'm actually drinking a lovely glass of Calvados at this moment but I'm keeping it well away from my keyboard!
The audio covers look good, so glad the belly button and the shell bra got the heave -ho!

Anonymous said...

OK, really do want to see the shells and belly button just to fully appreciate. Can't wait for the ebooks. Yeah! Sabena

JustWingingIt said...

I will have to look into Bouchercon next year. The fact that it's in New Orleans makes it a definite possibility. I'm in San Antonio so it's not too far away.


cs harris said...

Paz, I think might be SUNRISE my all-time favorite of my books.

Lynne, a parakeet is one challenge I don't have.

Charles, they are good.

Ali, that's funny about the frozen chicken! My sister's cat once came home with a nice hot roasted one. She never did figure out where it came from.

Susan, the shell bra was truly unbelievable. If only I could share it!

Veronica, it's always a good conference.

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