Monday, March 02, 2015

This Is the Week!

I'm all packed and ready to head out on my book tour, which officially kicks off with a signing at Garden District Bookshop here in New Orleans on launch day, Tuesday, March 3. Then I'll be heading out to Phoenix on Wednesday, Houston on Thursday, Portland on Friday, and Seattle on Saturday. You can see the schedule   here.

I also have a  guest blog, an interviews, and several new reviews up around the web:

Julie at Romancing the Book has a fun interview with me here. You can read her review of Who Buries the Dead (keep scrolling down below the book blurb)  here .
I also have a guest post up at Fresh Fiction. They asked me to write about any real historical events in any of my books, so I talk about the events that inspired Who Buries the Dead. You can read it

And here's their review of the book:

Busy, exciting week coming up!


Anonymous said...

candy - WOW- i was able to read all the posts. and i must say this book looks to be a BIG hit! both reviews were great! you must be so excited to go on tour and be able to talk in detail. must be hard not to give stuff away.
good luck! i should have my ebook after midnight! Best, Ali

cs harris said...

Ali, with the exception of my very first book, I don't think I've ever had a release loom over me the way this one has. I feel as if I've been getting nothing done because I can't concentrate. We even had a nibble from Hollywood, but it looks as if that has fallen through.

Rachel Walsh said...

Great interviews, and terrific reviews! And a nibble from Hollywood? Wow! Don't give up; you never know, one nibble might lead to a feeding frenzy (and besides the movies, your Sebastian books as a TV series would be absolutely brilliant ...)
All the best for your book tour! :-)

Anonymous said...

candy - my wish for you is that you can just enjoy this tour and have a chance to just soak in the love. i can't imagine the pressure you have been under. i am keeping good thoughts and can't wait to hear all about it when you finally have a chance to breath. at least you don't have do this via Phaeton or Curricle. although i am sure Sebastian would get get you there safely. ;-) Have fun. Ali

paz said...

Godspeed! Don't forget to *enjoy* yourself. And take pictures/have pictures taken of you, because when it all becomes a blur, you can go back to refresh your memory.

cs harris said...

Rachel, the interest was for a TV series. It's my dream, so I'm going to keep hoping. And, thank you.

Ali, thanks so much. And yes, being whisked around by plane does beat doing this by carriage!

Paz, I will try!

JustWingingIt said...

Oh, Sebastian and Hero as a tv series would be a dream! And I agree, where there is a nibble more is sure to follow.

Have fun on your tour. I know it seems a bit of a whirlwind what with a different city every night but hopefully it won't be too stressful. I'm glad you'll get to meet people who love Sebastian and Hero as much as you do.


Rachel Walsh said...

Oh, the nibble was for a TV series, how fantastic! I have every confidence that we'll one day be seeing Sebastian and Hero in our lounge rooms. 😃

Lynne said...

Have a WONDERFUL and safe trip! I won't get to Seattle after all but wave at Spokane as you fly away. I am so excited for you.

cs harris said...

Veronica, that will the nice part of this tour--that the people who'll be coming to see me are so enthusiastic about the books.

Rachel, everyone needs to cross their fingers!

Lynne, thank you!

Susan J. said...

Good luck for your tour, hope you have a lovely time. I've started reading 'Why King Confess' and, as usual, with your books, I've got straight into it. I was interested in your mention of the eel pie seller's stall situated off Golden Square. It reminded me of my husband Steve's childhood stories of going to the 'pie and mash shop' in Battersea, London, in the 1950's. (It was a working class area in those days but has gone rather up market now I believe.) They were meat pies which were kind of steamed and served with gravy made with eels and parsley sauce. Sounds revolting but he says it was a real treat. Must be a kind of later development of the eel pies you mention. I do love the period detail you give of Regency London.

Charles Gramlich said...

hope all goes well. I'm stuck in Abita today without a car. Lana's car broke down and we had to have it towed. she's got mine at work now.

cs harris said...

Susan, thank you. That's interesting about the eel and mash pies--sound awful to me!

Charles, thank you. Hope your car trouble gets sorted out quickly.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I've "hunkered" down this evening to read. I'm about half way thru and loving it. Huck's alter ego's name is fantastic! Won't mention any other spoilers for your devoted blog fans, but suffice it to say I'm enjoying it immensely. Good luck at tomorrows signing. sabena

paz said...

Finish first read. LOVED the scene with Lovejoy on the Bloody Bridge (loved all those mangled/truncated names, what a laugh!). The imagery of that scene is so powerful, it read like a movie. Of I go to read it again.

Anonymous said...

Me too - just finished. I'll wait to give my extended thoughts until more have had a chance to read so there aren't spoilers. Just LOVED it. I'm waiting to read it again until I get my hard copy on Saturday (read the Kindle version). Sabena

Essex said...

Decided to read mine slowly this time.
After all my wailing about you visiting the northwest, I am working on the weekend you visit Portland! Grrrrr.
I am enjoying the book so far. I hope that you have a good trip as well- please take some time for fun if possible!

cs harris said...

Paz and Sabena, so glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Essex, oh, I'm so sorry you're going to miss it.

Susan J. said...

Wish I had the restraint to read 'Why Kings Confess' slowly but it couldn't be done! Finished it already! Excellent! I think I enjoyed it the best so far. I have to say, however, that if there were attempts to negotiate with Napoleon, I'm glad they did not succeed. That man had to be stopped, just as in the way Hitler had to be stopped. Sadly, war is sometimes a necessary evil.
So glad Paul Gibson found some comfort, it was a very touching part of the story.

Fred said...

I love your books! Will an audio version of this one be released at some point?

cs harris said...

Thanks so much. And yes, there is an audio version coming. It should be soon. I've seen the cover, and they usually don't send it to me until right before it comes out.

JoAnn Gagnier said...

Just finished Who Buries the Dead and wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic read!! I think this is my favorite Sebastian book so far because we get to spend so much time with Sebastian and Hero and the interesting nature of the crime they solve. Forget American TV - Sebastian and Hero belong on the BBC!!

cs harris said...

Susan, so glad you enjoyed it. And I really liked being able to spend more time with Gibson.

cs harris said...

Thanks so much! And believe me, a BBC production is my dream.

cs harris said...

So it's Sunday night, and I'm home, and I turned on my computer and came for a quick look to make sure everything was okay here. I answered comments on my phone while I was gone, and on the phone, I could type a "reply" to a comment, and the reply would appear to go in the right place--under the comment. Obviously, it was all just an illusion to make me feel like things were going great when they weren't. What I had instead was a mess.

Won't do that again.

Now I'm going to bed for the next week.

Susan J. said...

I would love to see a good BBC production of the Sebastian books but lately the BBC seems to have gone off a bit. Everything they make seems like a historical soap. Now we have yet another re-vamped Poldark series! Just can't be bothered to watch that again. Really annoying the way they keep re-hashing the same old stuff, when there are so many good modern historical writers, like you around.

Anonymous said...

candy - congratulations on another great book!! i really enjoyed it. 1)Jane Austen was so well done and just how i would imagine her. 2) i loved hearing about Simon - i was very colic as an infant - i feel his pain. 3) plenty of villains to keep you guessing. 4) and the cat got a great name! i was terribly sad about Jamie Knox though. i swear i had a tear in my eye. good luck with your tour. cant wait to hear all about it. best, ali

cs harris said...

Susan, I know; I'll never understand why film/TV people keep remaking things--I guess because it's already familiar. But I'm with you--enjoyed the first Poldark, read all the books, no desire to revisit. Then again, perhaps they're going for a younger audience that doesn't remember....

Ali, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Believe me, the Jamie part was very hard on me. I may do a "below the fold, why I did it" post in the future.

Sara said...

Yesterday I finished Who Buries the Dead. I really liked it. I was wondering if there will be a mystery that won't be about treason and seling state secrets, because it would be weird if everyone could be bought for some prize. So this book was awesome. Pure greed... Must say I didn't suspect the murderer at all. Great job.

cs harris said...

Sara, thank you; I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

JustWingingIt said...

Loved the book! I tried to draw out the reading experience and made it to a week which, considering I usually finish in a day, is pretty good. I didn't guess the killer's identity at all.

I too was very sad about Knox. And, ever the greedy reader, I wanted still more tender family moments between Sebastian, Hero, and Simon. I know that this is mainly a mystery series and I wouldn't want that changed, truly, it's just a testament to how you've managed to make these characters so real that I want to spend as much time with them during quiet, happy moments too.

Anyway, it was great to get to hear you talk about the books at the Houston signing. I look forward to the next book especially in light of your comments that it will have a different feel to it. I can only guess that it will involve the trip to Shropshire. Can't wait!!


Lois said...

I've started reading the book and am excited to continue. I have run into something that does puzzle me though. In the third chapter it says that Sebastian is two score and five years younger than Lovejoy. As the previous page said Lovejoy was in his fifties, that would make Sebastian somewhere around ten! Since that is definitely not the case, I think your editor fell down on the job. But it's really not a big deal. As I say I love your books and I'm looking forward to finishing this one.

arabian said...

Every time a new book comes out, I always go back to Sebastian and Hero stuck in that crypt and then start rereading their scenes (and then more and more of the books from that point again). Love these books so much!

I run a message board that does author interviews (we already did one for Christy Reese and are planning one for Jennifer Rush in early summer). We'd LOVE to do one with you as well!

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