Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Radio Interview with John Raab of Suspense Magazine

Here's a link to a recording of a live radio interview I did last Saturday with John Raab at Suspense Magazine. It's about 25 minutes long. Have patience because it takes a moment to load, and then begins with some rather loud music. We talk at first about Who Buries the Dead, then move on to other things.

Spring has finally arrived in New Orleans. I'm afraid I've been playing hooky this week and neglecting poor Sebastian in favor of my garden. It's been glorious.


Lynne said...

Oh, Candy - the garden looks lovely. We're having early spring here, too - no snow means stuff is growing like crazy. But my garden doesn't look quite that good yet. Enjoy your "hooky" time - you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

c- what a beautiful garden! its still cold and gross here in the big apple. but tomorrow they say 60 but with rain. oh well its gotta get here sometime. i will be sure to listen to the new interview. enjoy the time off. and besides you're still being productive. best, Ali

JustWingingIt said...

It's always wonderful, that emergence from the grayness of winter into the vibrancy of spring. I don't blame you one bit for playing hooky. Who could resist that lovely garden?


Charles Gramlich said...

cool on the interview. I'll be off most of next week so I'll try to check it out then.

Susan J. said...

Your garden looks beautiful, I love the rustic looking seat. The weather here at the moment is as usual in England, seems like spring, then almost summer, then winter, all in an hour!
I can't find that mention of where Austen got the inspiration for Persuasion, that I spoke of, but some of my books don't have an index, so I shall have to plough through them all. I can't find anything about it on the internet. I know I read it somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks just beautiful. In Seattle, after months of little or no rain, the last couple weeks (right after you left) have been very wet. Our poor trees and flowers aren't quite sure what to do. I love the little bunny in your Facebook pic. I'm sure he is loving your flowers to death. I agree; stupid neighbors. Good thing he isn't here. We have so many cougars and coyotes. Will try and listen to the interview on the weekend. Sabena

cs harris said...

Lynne, thank you. This is a lovely time of year in New Orleans, before the heat becomes unbearable.

Ali, yes, a friend of mine just left there a few days ago and they had snow! It was a shock for her to come back here.

Veronica, I am writing today. I'm so sore from the last few days I told myself I needed a break!

Charles, it is long--25 minutes.

Susan, thank you. It does sound like the kind of spark from which a writer weaves her stories.

Sabena, since the last bunny, Bugsy, disappeared right when I'd found someone to adopt him, I'm really worried about this little guy. But unlike Bugsy, he won't let me pick him up. He has the cutest ways, though.

Susan J. said...

I have found the details on Jane Austen's possible inspiration for 'Persuasion'. It was in a travelogue by American writer Lori Smith called 'A Walk With Jane Austen'. She gives an account of her visit to Stoneleigh Abbey, which Austen visited with her mother not long after her father's death. It had been the Leigh family's-Mrs Austen's-family's ancestral home. There is a portrait of an Elizabeth Wentworth there and Lori Smith was told by the guide that she had a secret marriage with a naval officer, as her Mother did not approve of the match, but the truth eventually came out because she had to keep rejecting suitors, being already married. It is believed at the Abbey that Anne's story was inspired by Elizabeth Wentworth.

cs harris said...

That's very interesting, Susan; thanks. Sounds reasonable to me.

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