Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Interview Up--Update!

My interview with Regan Walker is up at her site, here. Anyone who comments on the post will be entered to win an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of What Darkness Brings. So here's your chance.

UPDATE: Regan has drawn the winning name out of a hat, and the lucky recipient of the ARC is Sheila. So Sheila, if you're reading here, you need to head on over there and make arrangements to claim your prize.


Anonymous said...
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paz said...

Hi! I have tried everything in order to have a comment posted on Regan's blog, but it always seems to be erased. :-(

Linhie said...

Great interview!

I can't boast that I've known and loved the casts of the Sebastian St. Cyr mystery for 10 years, but I can proudly admit that I have grown a definite attachment to these characters in ways that I'd never imagine I could - especially for people who aren't even real.

You are an amazing writer and I cannot wait to see what's in store for you, the characters, and us fans in the future. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll be wonderful!

cs harris said...

Paz, I'm sorry to hear that. I had a hard time posting on there at first, too--which is weird because it's a blogspot site. But it is the "new, improved" version, which I've deliberately avoided, so that may be the problem.

Linhie, Thank you so much!

vp said...

Great interview! Thank you for being so honest about why you moved away from writing historical romances. The concept of this narrow set of rules which one must follow to be published has, in my opinion, ruined this genre. I have loved and read historical romance for a zillion years, but lately, every book I read seems exactly like the one that came before. Between the dumbing down and lightening up, the silly titles and lazy approach to historical elements, I am hard-pressed to find a historical romance novel to love. Thank goodness for historical mysteries.
I was lucky enough to grab an ARC of What Darkness Brings at ALA Midwinter and while I still begrudge the title change, I was absolutely crazy about the book. You have outdone yourself with this one. I read it on the flight back from Seattle to Atlanta and I didn't even notice the insane turbulence caused by that dreadful winter storm blowing through the South.

Well done!

Linhie said...

VP, I'm sure you can smell the jealousy emanating through my pores. But nevertheless, I'm glad you were able to enjoy the book at an earlier date!

And I agree with you wholeheartedly with regards to the historical romance genre. It is very hard to find a satisfying read now-a-days because of the stringent rules that publishers seem to be pushing. Even though I am young (23), I find myself thoroughly drawn to authors and novels published decades earlier.IMHO, they are less formulaic, more meaty, and not strictly better written - but rather more original in style as well as content.

I have, in recent months, stepped far away from this genre and will probably continue to do so unless a title comes to me with extremely HIGH recommendations.

Romantic Mystery is without a single doubt my favorite genre thus far. =D

cs harris said...

vp, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And they didn't tell me they had the ARCs at ALA (wouldn't you think they would?). I've heard from women who write historical romance that it is far worse today than what it was even ten years ago. I have a theory that the narrowing of historicals is behind the growth in urban fantasy in romance, since that genre is wide open and allows all sorts of things. You'd think the publishers would figure that out,

Linhie, a friend of mine recently enjoyed Pamela Clare's Defiant, so you might try that, although I can't vouch for it myself. I quit reading historical romance when I quit writing it.

Linhie said...

Based on reviews as well as your friend's enjoyment of the book, I've ordered "Defiant" and look forward to reading it. Pamela Clare is not a new author for me and I have read and enjoyed her I-Team series in the past.

cs harris said...

Linhie, let me know what you think of it. I'm not familiar with her at all.

vp said...

Linhie, don't give up on historical romance yet. There are still some wonderful writers doing good stuff. If you haven't read Mary Balogh, I recommend. You might also try Carla Kelly, who definitely writes a different sort of historical. I just finished an ARC of a book called The Turncoat that is due out in March, and I would classify it as a historical romance set during the American revolution. It is being packaged and marketed as historical fiction, but the entire book hinges on a romance between a young Quaker woman and a British officer during the revolution. Good stuff!

And C.S., I agree with you about urban fantasy and paranormal taking up the slack left in the historical genre. Readers crave more depth and yes, even darkness, and those sub genres definitely go there. I remain hopeful that a publisher will catch on eventually and take a chance on something unique. Having worked around publishers for a long time however, I won't hold my breath.

Linhie said...

@ VP
I've read and own every one of Mary Balogh's work; she's a gem! As for Carla Kelly, I have read and enjoyed some of her novels (all oldies) but have not dug into any of her latest releases. Maybe I'll explore that avenue again in the near future.

Thank you for the recommendation (and to your friend as well - she has good tastes *wink*). "Defiant" got a solid B+ grading for me! FYI: Did you know that it is book 3 in a trilogy? Though the story can be read as a standalone, I happened to have read the first in the series years ago when it was first released - I didn't love it, but remembered enough to understand the history and family dynamics.

I liked the novel enough that, should there be a 4th in the series about one, colonel William Wentworth, I'M ALL IN! I am thoroughly intrigued by him, thoroughly!!

cs harris said...

vp, I think anyone who's every worked around the publishing industry just shakes their head and asks, "Why?????????"

Linhie, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! After you said you'd ordered it, I thought, "Oh, dear; what if she hates it?"

Linhie said...

Funny you should mention that thought Candice.

I often hesitate when recommending books to others because of that "Oh my god, what if he/she hates it?" thought. It is infinitely worst when the person has to pay the price, only to hate it afterwards. The guilt just doesn't end; hence, I've learned to loan my copy instead. =D