Thursday, January 24, 2013


I sent the manuscript for Why Kings Confess winging off to my editor in New York this afternoon. It's not technically due until 1 February, so I'm actually a few days early.

Now I need to start giving serious thought to book number ten. But first I intend to reward myself with a couple hours of playing my guitar, and a nice big hot fudge sunday!


Rachel Walsh said...

Congratulations! Another book I cannot wait to get my hands upon ...

And enjoy your treats, they're well-deserved. :-)

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

I second Rachel's comment about well-deserved treats! Congratulations, too. The anticipation is sweet. I was sitting at lunch yesterday thinking 'January's almost over, that means it's almost March, almost C. S. Harris time!'

Helena said...

Congratulations! Now I can relax about next year... Do have a break before you start the next one; you've earned it.

Charles Gramlich said...

mmmmnnmmn, fudge. Oh wait, was there something about writing here?

Congrats on getting finished!

cs harris said...

Rachel, Thank you!

Barbara, almost!

Helena, I've already been thinking about the next one, but haven't completely nailed the idea or even begun to plot. So I'll take some time do read research books, mull...and clean my office!

Charles, thank you! And it was delicious.

paz said...

I really love this title! Can't wait to read to the books! I can't actually wrap my head around the fact that there are already 8 of them -- its seems like just yesterday when I met Sebastian for the first time ;-)

Le Fleur said...


LOgalinOR said...

Congratulations!!! It sounds like you worked hard to complete the next Sebastian St. Cyr book for the Editor before the deadline, and us fans and readers are the beneficiaries. You rock! (Only) more angst and anticipation! Could March 5th come any sooner? You deserve many (more) treats, as well as guilty pleasures. PS--in your pic-where's the fudge? Is it hiding under the mounds of whipped cream and cherry? LOL

Suzanne Crisafi said...
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Suzanne Crisafi said...

Awesome! Cannot wait for March. Will be bringing this book on my cruise. Just in time!

Linhie said...

Congrats! Any treats you may enjoy is a well deserved treat indeed.

March cannot arrive soon enough. The anticipation just builds and builds! =D

Essex said...

Congratulations not only upon finishing your manuscript, but also for having the willpower to limit yourself to one sundae! I am not sure I could do that. March 5 is in my reminders on phone and ipad. Will probably stay up until midnight for the download again.

cs harris said...

Paz, I know--the thought of starting number ten was a real shock!

Le Fleur, thank you!

LOgalinOr, the fudge was under the whipped cream. This place is literally just around the corner from me, and they always pile on the fudge (neither one of which is necessarily a good thing,,,)

Suzanne, a cruise sounds nice!

Linhie, and today I made a pineapple upsidedown cake!

Essex, see my comment above about the cake!

ali said...

Wow, book 10. hard to believe. i am SO excited to read what darkness brings. i was in SC recently and i think i made another convert to the series! either that or she plans to recommend me for 12 step program. i am sure i sounded like an addict. oh well she'll just have to find out on her own. enjoy the well deserved treats!


hwueste said...

Love, love, love your Sebastian St. Cyr series. I always pre-order the next book the second it becomes available waiting impatiently for it to arrive on my kindle..... then I deliberately wait a few days in anticipation of a great read. Unfortunately I read so fast I finish it in a few hours. Thus, begins the long wait all over again. I always go back and re-read to pick up things I missed. Thank you for many, many hours of delicious hours with my face in a book. On a side note, how in the world is Cyr pronounced?

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