Friday, July 22, 2011

Lake Therapy and Some Covers

I spent this past week up at our lake house, writing feverishly. The first part of this book (Sebastian Number Eight) has been giving me fits (I typically have trouble with the first part of my books). But by giving myself the time and space to do nothing but focus on my story, I think I’ve finally worked past that.

This next week is going to be devoted getting my younger daughter ready to move into her apartment up in Baton Rouge, where she’ll be starting graduate school next month. Then I’m hoping to head back to the lake for another intensive session in August. I can’t believe I'm already talking about August. Where has this summer gone?

Oddly enough, while much of the rest of the country has been sweltering, New Orleans has been relatively cool the last few weeks. We’ve had lots of rain, which has dropped our average temperatures ten degrees down into the high 80s. Normally at this time of year, I shut all my windows and doors and just hunker down to endure until fall. But I actually spent part of today sitting out on my porch swing. Wonderful.

Recorded Books has now posted the cover of their audio version of Where Shadows Dance, so I’m allowed to show you the entire image:

If you right click on the image it will take you to a larger version. I like it. Very evocative and moody.

And for those of you awaiting the mass market paperback edition of What Remains of Heaven, a box of these just landed on my doorstep:

I tried to get them to change the cover for the mass market edition, but I should have known that was never going to happen...


paz said...

I like the cover of the audio edition better than the cover of the hardcover!

I do wonder if the logic of an audiobook cover is different, and thus their willingness to be a little more edgy? Or is it just different companies?

cs harris said...

Paz, Recorded Books is a separate company, so they would have needed to buy the Penguin cover image. They decided however much Penguin was asking was "too much," so they made their own cover, which I agree is much better. In the original, there was a Victorian-looking man in the upper right by the iron fence. My daughter said he reminded her of "that Monopoly dude." I asked them to take him out and wonder of all wonders, they did!

Charles Gramlich said...

some uninterrupted writing time really rocks. I've been enjoying mine and getting so much done. Finished "under the Ember Star" and it has been accepted.

grobanmelody said...

I'm FINALLY starting Where Shadows Dance. I got it awhile ago but I've been caught up rereading some of my old books and book club at work...but I'm so glad to get back to Sebastian. Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Sebastian #8 - Sounds like heaven to those of us that still don't have #7. Thanks for the heads up on the mass market of heaven. I will be buying it to match my set (which sits next to my set of hardbacks)and getting rid of the funky larger sized one. I own two sets - hardback and mass paperback. When I started collecting Sebastian it was in paperback. Now I have to buy the hardback right when they come out. I just had to go back and get the first several in hardback to complete the set on the bookshelf. Hence, two sets sit on my "favorites" shelves. I will, of course, also be buying the audio version. Here's to hoping audible picks them up from recorded books AND the first books will eventually be published. All sit beside my copies of older Candice Proctor romances. My husband just shakes his head and laughs at me. In my house you began as my favorite author in reference when I talked about you and the books, then became CS Harris, now it is just Candy and both my daughter and husband know to whom I refer. Keep up the writing. Just love the books. Sabena

cs harris said...

Charles, congratulations! That was quick.

grobanmelody, I hope you enjoy it.

Sabena, I also have some writers I collect in hardcover and mass market. And if it's a set, I've learned not to lend them, ever since I lent the first book (1970s mm edition) in the Lymond series and never got it back. Now they don't match : (

mab said...

What is your 7th Sebastian book?? Or have counted wrong-I thought shadows was the 6th