Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekend Whirlwind

Friday morning I flew to Phoenix, Arizona, for Poisoned Pen's June 2011 Conference (that's the pool of the Arizona Biltmore, site of the conference, above). This was my first visit to Poisoned Pen, a fact for which I was gently chided by Barbara Peters, the famous bookstore's impressive owner. And I can honestly say she's right, I should have made the trek out there long ago, because I had a fantastic time. Both my Friday afternoon panel (with Laurie R King, Peter Lovesey, Lauren Willig, Patricia Wynn, and Dana Stavenow) and Saturday morning's presentation (with Patricia Wynn) were loads of fun; I met lots of enthusiastic readers, aspiring writers, and published authors, and was really, really sorry I had to leave early.

I took my camera, but of course I never used it, except to snap this shot of British author Peter Lovesey singing a hilarious ditty about mystery books to the tune of an old Irish drinking song (yes, I recognized it, Peter). Unfortunately, this is one case where a picture is definitely not worth a thousand words, because the words and delivery were priceless.

Then, Saturday night, I flew back to New Orleans in time to participate in a mystery and thriller panel with S. J. Watson, Erica Spindler, and Cammie McGovern on Sunday morning at the American Library Association Conference. I took along Steve, who is better about remembering to take photos than I am. (Note to self: do NOT drink a giant latte in an attempt to stay awake for an evening flight if you want to go to sleep that night and avoid looking like you've been on a three-week bender the next day.)

I signed books both after the panel and then again Sunday afternoon at the Penguin booth. All told, I signed something like 300 books, which was quite amazing. Yes, Penguin was giving the books away, but the recipients could simply have taken their free books and walked off without waiting in line to meet me, so the entire experience was quite humbling. Thanks to everyone who came; it truly was a pleasure to meet you!


Judith Starkston said...

Hello Candice,
I was one of those fortunate people who got to hear you speaking at the Poisoned Pen conference. I enjoyed your comments and our conversation afterwards and I love your books. You inspired this post on my website http://www.judithstarkston.com/reviews/review-of-what-angels-fear-and-when-gods-die-by-c-s-harris/. I look forward to your next book. By then I will have read the whole series and neglected everything else I was supposed to do in the meantime! Enjoy the rest of the summer--although maybe we residents of hot cities shouldn't contemplate summer over much.
Judith Starkston

Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. sounds like a good time was had by all. Coffee does not keep me awake.

Steve Malley said...

Wow, how cool is that?! :)

cs harris said...

Judith, thanks so much! And I must say, after Phoenix, New Orleans felt cool.

Charles, it was a good time. As for the coffee, I just wish it didn't last so long.

Steve, it was a lot of fun!

Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...

Sounds like it was an awesome pair of events. You know we wound up with over four thousand attendees at the RWA Literacy Signing? They were lining up as early as 11:00 AM for the 5:30PM start. Craziness!

cs harris said...

Barbara, that's incredible about the RWA signing! Good heavens.

MarJorie Westphal said...

I also was one of those who were at the Poisoned Pen conference and made your acquaintance and heard you speak. I echo all of what Judith said, so I won't say it again. But since I had read all of your books, I was so anxious to find out about Sebastian and Hero, after you had left them 'hanging fire' at the end of 'What Remains of Heaven', that I stayed up Saturday night, reading 'Where Shadows Dance'. Thank you for working it out just right. Now I look forward to the next book. I have also read your series with your husband, and many of your C. Proctors books, with Great Enjoyment. You are a fine and sensitive writer!