Friday, March 26, 2010

Over the Moon


I received some really good news this morning. NAL had planned to switch the release of the next Sebastian book, Where Shadows Dance, from hardcover to trade paperback original. But the sales figures for What Remains of Heaven are so strong that they've reversed their decision and will now bring Shadows out in hardcover after all.

This is important because library sales are always a big part of any mystery sales, so dropping the hardcover printing could have had a serious impact on the series's future. Plus, it's frustrating for anyone collecting a series to suddenly have the format changed. And, well... I like coming out in hardcover! It makes me feel like a "real" author.

In my experience, publishers rarely reverse a decision once it's made, so this is pretty incredible. I am very grateful to my editor, Ellen Edwards, who worked so hard to make this happen. But the real thanks go to my readers, who've been so amazingly supportive of this series. According to the latest figures, Heaven has a 91% sell-through rate, which means that 91% of the books they shipped, sold. And in an industry where anything over 50% is considered good, that really is something to be over the moon about.

Illustration by Ken Greenhalph


Keira Soleore said...

WOW! 91% sell-through rate is phenomenal. And multiple printings of your hardcovers, too. This is very good news for us Sebastian fans with more books contracted.

Also for NAL, because if they were to abandon the series before a resolution to Sebastian's story and before we've all spent a goodly amount of time in his presence, I'd be picketing their doorstep.

I hope this also spurs them to bring the next one (with that heartstopping prologue) out a little earlier.

Project Cat said...

Oooh, excellent news! I'm so pleased, both for you, and selfishly because I want more Sebastian!!!

(I would join Keira in the picketing were Sebastian's story to be stopped before its time...)

Steve Malley said...

FANTASTIC!!! And only to be expected if I'm right, and you're on the verge of a serious breakout! :-D

I'm so happy for you!

Ariel Swan said...

That's excellent. I can't wait to get it.

Lainey said...

Awesome! I'm thrilled for you. And so happy to add another beautiful Sebastian hardback cover to my bookshelf. Any word yet on the design?

pax deux said...

c'est fantastique!

I can barely wait (but will strive to, patiently and with good humor) to pick up the next St. Cyr book. Already went through all the C.S. Graham one's, so I guess its time to re-read...

Congratulations on your well deserved success.

Holly said...

This is great news! I'm glad for you and for us readers. I'll happily volunteer if you ever need a beta reader for the series. :)

emnboysmom said...

That's terrific news! I only discovered this series recently in my quest for great mysteries with accurate history (such a rare find!). I just got What Remains of Heaven yesterday, and, yes, I had to read straight through to the end. I ended up rereading the earlier books these past two weeks in order to not miss any little twists in What Remains of Heaven. Loved it!

Thanks for such complex characters.

orannia said...

That's fantastic - congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you - and selfishly for myself, as I am a devoted fan. I just bought a set of the first 4 in paperback as a gift to my aunt, who is a voracious reader and belongs to a book club. They will be reading the series. Yahoo! Also, just to be sneaky, I put all your new releases on hold on all my families accounts at both the City and County libraries (they are separate here) to try to help "up" the numbers they order. Keep up the fantastic story telling. We love it!!! Sabena

Grace said...

I am tickled pink! You only left out the most important thing -- WHEN WILL "WHERE SHADOWS DANCE" BE PUBLISHED??? Can't wait to go to Amazon and pre-order!!!

Hope it's soon -- am delighted for you and for us, your fans!


laughingwolf said...

grats candy, that's great news indeed! :)

cs harris said...

Kiera, thanks. I got a chuckle out of the picketing image!

Project Cat, thank you!

Steve, I hope you're right.

Ariel Swan, it's coming!

Lainey, I haven't heard anything about the cover yet.

cs harris said...

pas deux, thank you.

Holly, thanks.

emnboysmom, so glad to hear you're enjoying the series. Thank you.

Orannia, thanks!

Sabena, thanks for all you do. Nothing helps an author more than "turning on" new readers. And requesting the books at the library is brilliant!

Grace, I'm not sure what the exact pub date is. It's currently scheduled for some time after the new year. I, um, haven't finished it yet!

laughingwolf, thank you.

SarahT said...

Congratulations! I'm so looking forward to your next book and I hope this news might herald more books in the St. Cyr series.

LJ Roberts said...

This is excellent news. I am not only one of your hard cover buyers, but am ever grateful to Garden District Books for being my source of receiving signed/dated copies of your books.

What is the anticipated release date of "Where Shadow's Dance" so I may place my order?

garage equipment said...

It sounds like you had a successful book event. I hope I can have a copy.

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