Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The New Orleans Connection


It sounds like something out of a thriller novel: a fireball lights up the night as a car explodes in the quirky, narrow streets of New Orleans’s warehouse district. Video camera footage from a nearby garage captures the grainy image of a man setting a bomb just moments before the explosion. The owner of the car? A political consultant advising a beautiful young woman on her run for the U.S. Senate.

But wait! There’s more. The woman in question is Stormy Daniels, a porn star. That’s right, a porn star. The politician whose seat she is running for is a rightwing sanctimonious ass who based his political career on “family values” and “Christian morality” before (surprise!) his name was linked to a Washington, D.C. call girl service. Stormy’s political activities are both embarrassing and troubling, since they keep reminding voters of what the Senator would rather they forget.

Of course, the exploding car does the same thing. Was that the point? Is something more nefarious afoot? Or was it all just an amusing accident?

Stay tuned. Ya can’t make this stuff up.

(p.s. That is not a photo of said car; it's a burning car from our sister city, Baghdad.)


Lainey said...

I saw that report on TPM LiveWire this morning. Has a video clip of the bombed car from WGNO 26.

Stay tuned! - to be continued . . .

Steve Malley said...

Ya gotta love it!!! :D

cs harris said...

Lainey and Steve, there's an update: Stormy was arrested over the weekend on a domestic disturbance charge. She claims she didn't really MEAN to hit her husband.

orannia said...

This is all true? It sounds like something from a soap opera (no offence intended to soap opera writers BTW :)

*races off to Google*

Charles Gramlich said...

Sure, like I'm going to believe 'that' about New Orleans. No corruption or political hypocrasy here! ;)

cs harris said...

Orannia, I swear i did not make this up!

Right, Charles.