Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Sorta Good News, and Some Painful News

Okay, here’s the good news: there will be a sixth Sebastian St. Cyr book!

Here’s the bad news: it will be released as a trade paperback original. In other words, no hard cover, no massmarket paperback. The Powers That Be are hoping this maneuver will reposition the book and increase sales.

Personally, I hate trade paperbacks. I think they’re the worst of both worlds: insubstantial and impermanent like a massmarket yet big and bulky like a hardcover. But I know a lot of people who do like them. And here’s the weird thing: stores like Barnes and Nobles keep trade paperbacks on their shelves for a year whereas paperbacks and hard covers get sent back in just a few months. In fact, I’m told it was B & N who suggested NAL switch the series to trade.

So now I need to come up with a title for this opus….


Lainey said...

Great news!

I don't care how it's packaged. I just want it in my hands. At your publisher's earliest convenience!

Sarah N. said...

I am so thrilled to hear that there will be a sixth book! I started reading the series a few weeks ago at my mom's recommendation and I love it. I just got my copy of Where Serpents Sleep and I plan to steal as much time for reading today as possible.

Faith said...

I'm excited that there's a 6th book!

D. Raybourn's latest (#3) came out in the same trade paperback and I wonder about her sales. Your novels are similar only in that they are both historical mysteries. Maybe that's the way the market is going?

Either way I'm buying it when it comes out. And hoping for a 7th! :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

I didn't like trade paperbacks when they first appeared because of how they fit my shelves, but now that I've adjusted my shelves for them I don't mind em. I'm glad to see there'll be another book, though.

Misti said...

Yay! I'm just glad we'll have another book! This always happens to me though. I start out buying a series in one format then it gets changed and I end up with lots of mismatched books.

cs harris said...

Lainey, I suspect most readers won't mind.

Sarah N, so good to hear you like the series!

Faith, I think the B & N shelving practices may be driving the shift to trade.

Charles, yeah, it does mess with bookshelf heights. And when every inch of wall space is already covered, that can be a real problem.

Misti, I really hate it when they do that, too. The book club edition will still be in hardcover, but they're always smaller, so it doesn't really help. And there won't be a mm paperback at all. And yeah, it's going to mess up my shelves, too!

Steve Malley said...

I'm one of those prefers the trades. Their lighter weight makes em more portable and easier to read in bed, and the larger page is easier on my poor, oft-strained eyes. I find the act of reading a TPB rather a pleasant experience!

And I'm sure part of the shift too is that, being bigger, folks'll pay more than they would for a paperback, but being perfect-bound they're cheaper (by a fair margin) to produce...

Steph P. said...

I also don't care how it's packaged. I am very happy to hear there will be a sixth book!

I just discovered your series about a month ago, but it quickly became one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Dear Candice,
I have unsuccessfully tried to email re speaking at the Metairie Literary Guild next spring. If possible would you be able to give me another email address to contact you again?
Thanks, Bev

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to another St. Cyr novel, but if this one is the sixth, what is the fifth title and when will it be published? I only see four listed on your site.

orannia said...

Congrats - that is good news!

My library has ordered the fifth book so fingers crossed they get the sixth :)

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad to hear there will be another book! I love this series and do not want it to end.

Waiting with bated breath!!


laughingwolf said...

yayyyyyyyyyy... another edition :)

i'm all for any kind of book... though still not convinced ebooks are the way to go

cs harris said...

Steve, it's nice to know some people like trades. They do cost more, but ironically, royalty percentages are lower than for mass market or hardcover. Don't know why, but they always have been.

Steph P, thank you! I'm so glad to hear you like the series.

Bev, sorry! Not sure what happened. My email address is

Anon at 12:45, the fifth book is What Remains of Heaven, coming this November.

Orannia, thank you. I'm worried about libraries not wanting a trade paperback, although I'm told with budget cuts some are going that direction more.

Susan, thanks. I'll write fast!

laughingwolf, I spend too much time staring at a computer to want to read a book that way.

orannia said...

My library definitely purchases trade paperbacks - Deanna Raybourn's books are a good example :)

Susan/DC said...

Other than the price, I actually prefer trade to MM PB for the reasons Steve Malley gives. While they don't fit quite so easily in my purse, they are much better for reading on the treadmill or public transit because the print is easier to read and the pages stay open better than MM and they are lighter than HB. I do think it weird, however, that the royalty rate is lower.

cs harris said...

Orannia, that is good to hear!

Susan/DC, hmmm, maybe that's why I've taken to favoring hardcovers over massmarket. I do like hardcovers of books I want to keep, but maybe I need to rethink my attitude toward trade. I just wish they'd do a hardcover original, and than a trade reprint.

Mariah said...

I am so excited to hear this! I need more Sebastian!!!

JulieE said...

Yeehaw! I like the trade size better, too, for the reasons others stated.

And, honestly, I'd buy the next Sebastian book if you printed it on napkins! Keep 'em comin', Candy, you totally rock!

liz fenwick said...

Doesn't matter the form as would buy no matter what cover or what shape! Pleased to hear the good news.

Barbara Martin said...

Congrats on getting the deal. The trade paperback was probably a cost cutting measure on behalf of the publisher. However the package, I will be waiting in line with the others to read more adventures of Sebastian.

Mom in High Heels said...

Hurrah! I don't care how the books are published as long as they are. Heck, I'd read them if they came out in papyrus scrolls (that would be difficult to read on the go though). I'm almost through with WSS which took my library 3 weeks to get from another library (we live in Germany-dh is an intel officer too). I own the first 3 and plan on buing this one when it comes out in pb (I'm a rereader). I'm loving it, but took a break when I saw your blog listed on the book cover. I used it to mark my spot when I had to get up to make ds some food. Crazy kid, what's with the eating? Mommy is reading!
I'm so excited there will be a 5th and a 6th! You can write as many as you like (J Evanovich is working on #16 of the Stephanie Plum series-hint, hint) and I will happily read them.

skittles said...

I'm another "new to you" reader who is very glad that there will be a sixth (& hopefully beyond) book.

My mother suggested your fourth book to me. She had picked it up at the library & enjoyed it immensely. She kept her copy (it wasn't due yet) and I read the first chapter, told her that I liked what I had read so far, but that I needed to read it in order. We went to the library & got the other three & I was able to finish the first two before I left a week later. (I've now ordered all four in PB). My library had #3, but I had to interloan #4 (they will be ordering #4 & #5 for the collection).

So, now I've finished all four & will wait impatiently for #5.

In addition, I got my mother to read the other three books that she hadn't read before WSS & afterward she went to the library info desk to place WRH on reserve when it came out in Nov. They hadn't placed their order, but told her that she would be first in line for it!!

Keep your spirits up!! Great writers with great stories will always succeed!!

Kathleen said...

I don't care how it's packaged either, just get them into my hands! Candice I love all your books - they are so well written and interesting I'm reading them all! Thank you for them.