Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Thanksgiving to Remember

We always have my mother over for dinner on Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter, and every year she dutifully eats the vegetable risotto, or vegetarian lasagna, or whatever vegetarian fare we put in front of her. The only time she actually complained was when we fed her soy hotdogs for the Fourth of July. But I know our vegetarian feasts never actually seem like a holiday meal to her, so I decided this Thanksgiving we’d give her a real turkey dinner.

My girls said, “You’re cooking a WHAT?”

Yes, we cooked a turkey—or at least a turkey breast. With mashed potatoes and green beans and carrots and cranberry sauce and…the works, or the lot, or however you want to say it. I set the table with my best china and crystal and silver, because ever since I thought I’d lost all that stuff to Katrina I’ve vowed to use it and to hell with what gets broken or chipped or stained. What was I saving it for? Everything was going great until 15 minutes before the turkey was done, when my new post-Katrina just-off-warranty oven started beeping and flashing ERROR, ERROR, and turned itself off. What is it about me and mechanical objects?

And then there’s my car. Yes, my beautiful, shiny red brand new car. Smashed new car.

In the scheme of things, I know this is small stuff. I might even think it’s funny.



Charles Gramlich said...

What happened to your car? I didn't hear anything about this!

I hope the turkey was done enough to eat. We were without water on Thanksgiving day, but at least we didn't have company that day adn were able to go out to eat at the one restruant that was open.

Farrah Rochon said...

Eeek! Sorry about the shiny, red, smashed car and the almost cooked turkey breast.

I totally agree with the "use the darn China" stance. I had the same epiphany regarding bath products and candles. For the longest time I wouldn't use any of my yummy bath stuff, or burn my candles. Now, I burn the candle wick as soon as the candle enters the house, and don't wait for special occasions to use my LUSH bath bombs. :)

liz fenwick said...

Sorry about the car and the turkey! Hope everyone was well - post car and underdone turkey.

Sisker said...

Thanks for the reminder of: what are we saving it for? I almost got out the good china for Thanksgiving, but lazy-ed out because it would have had to be hand-washed coming out of storage and hand-washed going back in--for nine people!

But, it's coming out Christmas. If it gets broken, it can be replaced. I've checked on ebay!

Lisa said...

I believe in getting the good stuff out every chance I get, otherwise it never gets used.

I am really sorry to hear about the latest mishaps. Hmm. I'm starting to think you might need an appliance exorcist. :)

Lana said...

We can sympathize with your troubles to an extent. This Thanksgiving brought Charles about $1500 in car repairs, our water main was leaking ($125 to fix,) & my own car's been in the shop for 8 days now w/transmission problems (NEVER go to "Transmission Depot" in Abita Springs! Grrr!) When I thought about it, the transmission in my Intrepid (my last car,) also gave out around Thanksgiving. Fortunately these are just "things." I am still able to give thanks for so much more...

Anonymous said...

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