Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Every Author Should Have Two Computers, or, Finding a Repairman in Katrinaville, Part Two

I’m typing this on the laptop we bought my mom so she could email Sam when Sam was doing her junior year in Cairo. It was then handed down to Dani, who replaced it with a new one to take off to college. It’s old and small, but thank god it’s here because I’m told my Mac won’t be ready for three weeks.

Did I mention my book is due in five weeks?

It’s seems there’s only one Apple technician in Katrinaville. But it could be worse because he’s only been here two weeks. The last guy left in May. That’s right—they have a four-month backlog. Which is why I’ll be lucky to get my computer back in three weeks.

Oh, and my new car, which was supposed to have been delivered 6 October, has been delayed another week. BUT we did get my mother a new dryer, so at least I have someplace to do my laundry while I’m waiting for my washer to be fixed.

And I can even take my “new” laptop over there!


Lisa said...

Yikes...I'm sending good thoughts your way!

Steve Malley said...

Good grief, it's easy to forget how off-the-edges-of-the-map New Orleans has become.

You'd expect those kinds of problems in, say, Vanuatu or an outlying island in Fiji. But at least *there* you'd have the balmy South Pacific to ease the pain!

You're a brave lady for toughing it out...

Charles Gramlich said...

I actually have backups of all my stuff on three computers. Desktop at home, laptop at home, laptop at work. Surely one of them will be working. Good luck with your tech crisis.

Frank said...

Francis Coppola, the famous movie director, has his laptop stolen with the only copy of the script for his new movie on it.
Yeah, a movie director should also have two computers!

liz fenwick said...

Hang in there...and stay focused :-)