Saturday, March 31, 2007


I don’t go to see many films these days. I get bored so easily that I’d rather watch them at home on DVD so that I can read a book when they start to drag. But my agent recommended SHOOTER, so we all went to see it this weekend.

A political-action flick, it’s the story of an ex-Marine sniper who is tricked into playing the role of the fall guy in an assassination. In a set up that echoes the Kennedy assassination, our hero is supposed to die. When he manages to get away, the race is on as he first tries to escape, then turn the tables on the people who set him up.

Yes, it’s bloody and violent and at times a bit improbable, but it never goes over the top. The action and suspense are nonstop, the dialogue has some great moment, and a powerful ending. I don't much care for the Rambo/Die Hard type movies, but this one delivered the action and suspense while also satisfying my need for a story with depth.

I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can see it again, it was that good.

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Sphinx Ink said...

Thanks for the recommendation--the TV trailer made it look good, but one can't tell without advice from someone who actually saw it. And I love action flicks, especially when the cast is good.

And, as all of us in Wordsmiths know, it must be good if you didn't "Proctorize" it!