Friday, March 09, 2007

Sharing the Joy

A friend of mine just had her first book published. Farrah’s book is called DELIVER ME, and if you want to smile, visit her website here. Farrah is over the moon, tickled pink, walking on clouds—you name it, that’s Farrah. In my experience, nothing quite compares with getting your first book published. My girls still laugh at how excited I was when I sold my first book. (“I didn’t know you could jump that high!”) I walked around with a shiteating grin on my face for at least three weeks, nonstop. Since I was living in Adelaide at the time and NIGHT IN EDEN wasn’t released in Australia, I didn’t actually get to see it in a store for another year, but the magic of holding that first book in my hands will be with me always. So go visit Farrah’s site, and share her joy.