Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Cold Snap

I’m back from the lake. Up until the last day, the weather was glorious. I sat out on the porch and scribbled, went for long walks around the lake, then came back and scribbled some more. Saturday morning, a cold front blew in (literally: it blew a tree down across the road). I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, cleaned up the house, and headed for home. All the way home, I kept having to turn up the heat in the car, the temperature was dropping that fast. And I kept thinking, I should have stayed up at the lake! You see, the air conditioning/heating unit in our downstairs has never been fixed since it stopped working shortly after its post-Katrina installation last summer. Hot weather, I can take. Cold makes me want to just shrivel up and shiver.

I came home to two pleasant surprises: a toasty downstairs (Rod FINALLY came over and fixed it), and the news that we have a THIRD production company interested in ARCHANGEL. This is just beyond bizarre.