Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Halloween without the Children

After spending the last couple of days at the endless task of Putting Stuff Away, I’m chaining myself to my desk and getting back to work on THE ARCHANGEL PROJECT. I always find it difficult to get back into a book when I’ve been away from it for a while.

We didn’t have many kids come around last night for Trick or Treat. I guess the scattering of FEMA trailers and PODS put most people off. Which is a shame, because some of the people in the neighborhood obviously get into Halloween in a big way, filling their yards with all kinds of holiday-themed junk. I managed to get my blackbird scarecrow up, and Danielle dragged the witch silhouette out of the hall closet (no small feat, since the closet is stuffed with building materials), but that was about it for us. Of course, there aren’t that many kids whose families have come back to the neighborhood, so that doubtless cut down on the traffic.