Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Buy an LG, They Said; They're Great, They Said.

This is the story of a very-stressed-out lady who bought a new and relatively expensive front-loading LG washing machine and dryer to replace those that drowned in Katrina (she also bought the pedestals to raise them a foot off the ground, for obvious reasons). The lady moved back into her half-rebuilt house at the beginning of August. She was happy with her new LG washer: it was quiet, it had pretty lights and bells (no whistles, just bells), and it washed the clothes nicely.

Two weeks later, it quit working.

The lady—her stress level rising—calls LG. They say they’ll send a repairman.

They don’t.

The lady calls LG again and gets the local number for the repairman. But all she can get is his answering machine. Stress level rising ever higher, she makes numerous more calls to LG. Finally, five days later, the repairman calls. He does not come out to actually LOOK at the machine, but simply makes his diagnosis over the phone and says, “I’ll have to order a part.” “And when will that be in?” “I’ll call you.”

He does not call.

To cut a boring story short, it seems LG won’t send parts to the repairman because he hasn’t paid for past parts. The repairman says he won’t pay for past parts because LG hasn’t paid him for past warranty work. Yo! People! If you don’t like each other, get a divorce. But fix my #@$% washing machine!

Flash forward to the one-year anniversary of Katrina. The lady— stress level ever rising—is drowning in dirty laundry (which is admittedly better than drowning in dirty water). Not only does she have the clothes, towels, and sheets from the past two and a half weeks, but she would really like to be washing all the bedding, towels, clothes, etc. that survived the hurricane and can’t be used or put away until cleaned. Her last telephone call—when she burst into tears—seems to have stirred someone to action. The repairman (with the part!) arrives. He replaces the control panel. (Repairman: “It’s sure hot in here.” Lady: “That’s because the new air conditioner is broken.” Repairman: “Want we should fix the AC? We do AC work too.” Lady: “That’s OK; just fix the washer.”)

The new part is installed. The repairman quickly flips through the programs; bells and lights flash. The repairman leaves. The lady selects a load of wash from the numerous piles littering the house. She turns on the washer and goes to sit back at her computer (with a portable fan—see reference to air conditioner above). Ten minutes later, the washing machine’s bells and lights start flashing and ringing.

And it quits working.


Charles Gramlich said...

It seems like it's impossible to get competent help these days, or even to buy parts that work. We bought Lana a computer desk from Wal-mart last night, got it home only to find that one of the boards was cracked in two. We returned it for another, and got this one almost together before we found that the holes for the drawers were machined wrong. It's usuable so we're keeping it. I don't have the energy for anything else.

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