Saturday, August 26, 2006

Just... No.

(Above: Katrina making landfall in Louisiana, from Wiki Commons)

I’m spending the day cleaning my office, which is still a jumble of papers and half-unpacked boxes. Why? Because there’s hurricane headed into the Gulf, and early projections have it aiming straight at New Orleans.

Okay, I know it’s early days yet. These things rarely go where they first say they’re going to go. But I’m sorry, I can’t be blasé. I know there’s no point in worrying about things you can’t control. So I’ve bypassed worry and gone straight to panic.

I keep thinking, I can’t go through that again. I can’t see these antiques I’ve worked so hard to repair destroyed. I can’t see these walls I’ve built up with my own hands turned into moldy mush. I can’t go through it again.

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