Sunday, July 16, 2006

On the Cusp

(Above: Huck on his tower in better days.)

Well, it’s finally happening: we’ve started moving suitcases and boxes from my mother’s house back to our house. No, the house isn’t “finished” yet; I suspect we’ll be lucky if it’s “finished” by Christmas. But it’s almost to the point we can move back in and sleep and eat here. After so long, it seems hard to believe.

Yesterday the FedEx guy even delivered Huckleberry’s new tower (Huckleberry is our King Cat, and he dearly loved his old climbing tower). Unfortunately, this new tower is only about four feet tall, whereas the old one was five feet. Will he notice after so long, we wonder? Will all the cats be glad to be home, or will this move be just another trauma the poor little dears will have to learn to cope with? After Katrina, the cats were so traumatized we racked up $750 in vet bills. Obviously, humans aren’t the only ones who get sick from stress.

What I’m reading… UNEARTHING ATLANTIS: AN ARCHAEOLOGICAL ODYSSEY, by Charles Pellegrino. A surprisingly gripping account of the excavations at Akrotiri.

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Charles Gramlich said...

After Katrina, your cat will probably be happy to only have to climb four feet. Although, he may worry more about water levels for the future.