Friday, July 21, 2006

Remembering that the Glass Is Half-Full

I’ve been unpacking boxes as part of our push to move back into the house. We still have about a week’s worth of things to do before we dare turn the cats loose in here, but preparations for the Big Event are well underway.

No one who knows me would ever characterize me as a “the glass is half-full” type of person. And yet I’ve been feeling rather euphoric these days. Each box I open is like what the Aussies call a Lucky Dip. I never know what I’ll find: things I’d forgotten I had, things I thought I’d lost are emerging. So much was thrown in boxes and bins, helter-skelter, when Rita was coming that it’s a blur. I was tucking some of my grandmother’s tablecloths into my newly restored buffet today, and I found myself crying (something I seem to do easily these days) because I felt so lucky. I know many people who lost everything. Yes, I lost much, and much of what I have left will forever bear Katrina’s telltale marks. Yet each day brings me dozens of small moments of joy as I realize anew how much I still have.

My glass is more than half full.

What I'm reading... CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. I've only just begun, but so far it's holding my interest.

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