Monday, May 01, 2017

WHEN FALCONS FALL Wins RT's Reviewers' Choice Award, and a Visit to Poisoned Pen

Here's a fun picture from my visit to the Poisoned Pen in Arizona last weekend. This is such an great bookstore, it's always a pleasure to visit it. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and met some amazing writers I wish I'd had a chance to get to know better.

In other news, my little rescue, Kit-Kat, has not been gaining weight despite eating a ton. A trip back to the vet confirmed that her nasty tapeworm infestation is gone, but likely left her with a leaky gut, and she is showing some worrisome fluid in her belly. She's now on steroids, and I'm spending a lot of time fretting about her. We've decided she's older than originally thought, probably at least 10-12. So she's not a young cat, but we're hoping we can help her pull through this.

And, finally, it's just been announced that WHEN FALCONS FALL has won RT's Reviewers' Choice award for best historical mystery of 2016, which is a tremendous honor. Thank you, RT!


Lynne said...

Yeah! Terrific news about the Reviewer's award...but of course we knew that all along. Congratulations! The kitty will pull through, Candy - he's getting the Harris magic touch.

Charles Gramlich said...

going to have to make it to Poisoned Pen some day. Looks like fun

JustWingingIt said...

Keeping positive thoughts for Kit Kat. She couldn't be in better hands.

Congrats on the RT award! Does that mean you'll be at the convention? Hopefully this translates into a slew of new readers/fans.


cs harris said...

Lynne, thank you!

Charles, it's an amazing store.

Veronica, thank you. And no, unfortunately I won't be. Even if I'd planned to go, I'd have to stay home to medicate little missy twice a day.

paz said...

Congratulations on your award! Very well deserved. Too bad about Kit-Kat though. Steroids are a bit of a miracle drug, and hopefully they will do their magic on your darling kitty.

jburwinkel said...

My cat had the same problem and was diagnosed as hyperthyroid with a special blood test. He takes a half-pill twice daily and his weight seems to be getting better. Also, I have a question about Cousin Victoria in Where the Dead Lie. Are we going to be seeing more of her? I have a theory about her role in the novel.

Anonymous said...


I love ❤️ your books and am now on #11. I'm curious to know if Devlin ever finds his mother.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a bit worried Sinne you have not posted anything in such a long time. Hope you are ok.
Love your books and writing.
Best wishes!

Lynne said...

Candy - let us know if you're okay. It's been months and I think we're all a little worried.

Ali said...

does anyone know why there have not been any posts for 9 months. i dont use facebook.

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gus said...

What a name.

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Goldenslot said...

Thank you.


Susan/DC said...

It's now been more than a year and Faithful Readers are worried. Hope all is well with you, your family, and Kit Kat and that all that has kept you away from the blog is writing, writing, writing.

LCC said...

Just discovered the St. Cyr-ies thanks to the new books shelf at Scottsdale Library, so I'm jumping in at #13. I will have to go back to the beginning to get caught up. I'm a lifelong teacher and reader of Brit Lit so I very much enjoyed your use of Regency politics to inform the investigation into Jane Ambrose's murder. And yours is only the second novel I've read with a Thames Frost Fair (I think there's something like it in the early Elizabethan section of Orlando). If you make it back to Poisoned Pen I'll stop by to meet you. Thanks for an excellent novel.--Lance

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