Thursday, December 01, 2016

Release Day!

Today is the U.S. publication date for GOOD TIME COMING, my standalone historical, that should now be available everywhere in all formats.

I'd planned to do all sorts of promotional things for this book, but they all collapsed in the face of the awful year that has been 2016. At the moment we're fighting to keep alive our little Peanut, the runt of the litter my daughter rescued just seven years ago. So I will post links here to two interviews I've done in which I talk about the book and my writing. The interviewers asked some great questions and are well worth the read.

The first is with Layered Pages at:

The second is here:

More soon, hopefully. I just want this year to end.


mk said...

Keeping you and Peanut in my thoughts and prayers

Lynne said...

Ditto from me, Candy - I've had a few years like yours. Things always improve...meanwhile you're in my prayers.

Charles Gramlich said...

Happy to see this published. Sorry to hear about Peanut. I'm hoping for the best there.

Anonymous said...

Hope next year is better!

Mike V. (just passing thru, as usual)

paz said...

Looking forward to reading the book. Wishing you -- all of us! -- a better new year.

cs harris said...

Thank you, everyone. I didn't realize until I reread the post how down I sounded. Sorry!

sothea hy said...

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