Monday, August 08, 2016


It was a busy weekend. It started off on Friday with this thrilling moment: my younger daughter going through the graduation ceremony for her PhD.

I'll freely admit that I cried all through Pomp and Circumstance. I kept thinking how proud my father would have been if he could have been there, for she is our third generation PhD. (My older daughter says she's the black sheep of the family because she got an MD.)

And then Saturday I drove over to San Antonio to pick up my older daughter's dog and new kitten. Her husband has been dangerously ill for weeks now, and she was spending so much time at the hospital, plus half-killing herself driving back and forth to take care of the animals, that I volunteered to go pick them up and bring them home. If Steve had been well, I'd have just gone and stayed there to help, but I could only leave because Danielle was here over the weekend to stay with him.

One of the last things my son-in-law did before almost dying was to pick up this little cutie in a vast Target parking lot, where someone had abandoned her on a scorching hot Texas afternoon. So she is very dear to us all.

But the upshot is I have now added a dog and a holy terror of a twelve-week kitten to our menagerie. Angel is having a fit (this could never have happened if Huck were still here, because he not only really, really hated dogs, but would attack them--and any tiny kitten that came near him.) We're hoping my son-in-law will be well enough in a few months that their babies can go home. But as of now, we have a full house and a lot of unhappy critters.


Blues Buffett said...

Hope the SIL and husband are fully recovered soon.
Congratulations to D on the PhD though!

Hugo van Dantzig said...

The very best of luck in difficult times. Really hope that all turns out for the best.
I love the baleful look in that kittens eyes, your going to have your work cut out with that one!

Lynne said...

Oh good grief! More furry children at the Harris household...the parade never ends, does it? Congrats to Danielle and I'm glad Steve and your son-in-law are improving. (Physical Therapy will do wonders - never fear.) Have fun in the chaos and "try" to write ;-)!

JustWingingIt said...

Oh dear, your hands are full once again. Ah, life. I hope Steve and your grandson start to feel stronger and healthier soon. It's a reminder to all of us to always listen to our bodies and get regular medical check-ups.

And a big congrats to your doctor daughters, whether MD or PhD. What tremendous accomplishments for both of them!


Barbara Butler McCoy said...

This sounds rather bittersweet - one daughter's beautiful accomplishment amidst family heartache. Words aren't much, but they're all I have to offer. Wishing all of you well and holding you in my thoughts.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sure hope Steve feels better soon. Is there anything I can do to help. Let me know.

cs harris said...

Blues Buffett, thanks!

Hugo, yes, this kitten is a handful.

Lynn, thanks. And you're right--we REALLY didn't need any more.

Veronica, thank you.

Barbra, it has been quite a summer. Thank you.

Charles, thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your son-in-law's illness. It sounds like he is on the road to recovery but that it will be a long trek. At least he is in the best of hands -- your daughter's.

Also send healing wishes to Steve. May the dog and the kitten provide unconditioned love and entertainment, both of which should help the healing process.

paz said...

Having a dear, close relative in and out of a hospital is the second worst thing I have every experienced. The first? Having a dear, close relative in and out of a hospital far away from where I live. I do hope your son in law's and your husband's health improve soon, and that your daughter and your family has time to recharge your bodies and spirits. The dog is GORGEOUS! The kitty is cute too, but the dog...

Finally, congratulations on having the book of your heart published! It sounds amazing. Will it be marketed as a Young Adult book, or as an adult book? Is it suitable for teenagers?

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