Saturday, June 04, 2016

This and That

Sorry I've been MIA for a few weeks. I've been busy with that project I can't talk about yet and that doesn't have anything to do with Sebastian. But hopefully I'll be able stop just hinting and actually talk about it soon.

In Sebastian news, Recorded Books has bought the audio rights for the next three books in the series (#13-15). They have also finally caught up with the earlier books, which means that the first eleven in the series are now available in audio. The audio for #12, WHERE THE DEAD LIE, should be out at the same time as the print release next spring.

And now for something you're not going to want to hear: because I have a new editor and her schedule for March was already full, it looks like WHERE THE DEAD LIE will be pushed back to an April release. I'm still lobbying to keep my old March slot, but . . .

In the meanwhile, they've done the photo shoot for the cover of WHERE THE DEAD LIE, so I should be seeing the mockup of that soon. And I've recently hit page 100 of the first draft for #13, which has no title yet. The first 100 pages of a book are always the hardest for me, so it's a huge milestone and big relief when I finally get past that point. I do wish I had a title for it, though; I find it oddly unsettling when I don't.

I've also been working on a long post about the rumors that Queen Victoria was illegitimate. More on that later!


JustWingingIt said...

While it's disappointing that the next release will be delayed by a month, I've no doubt that it will be worth the extra wait. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing the cover art when it becomes available. Same model as the last one?


cs harris said...

Veronica, yes, it is. Hopefully this one won't join the Navy!

Lynne said...

Oooh, nooo...a whole extra will I's not fair... Okay, that's the best "whine" I could come up with. A month later is a nuisance but we'll all still be eager when it arrives. And I can hardly wait for you big news about your project hat you can't talk about. And I'm with Veronica - glad we get the same cute guy for the cover. (Good grief, I'm getting shallow:-{ )

Charles Gramlich said...

oooh, exciting!

Ali said...

I'm very interested in the project we can't hear about yet! Also about Victoria - somehow I'm not surprised given how they all carried on. Waiting another month would be a bummer but as long as there are still books coming - I good! Best, Ali

JustWingingIt said...

Lynne, don't think of it as being shallow. Think of it as having a deep appreciation for continuity. *wink*


Lynne said...

Thanks, Veronica - you made my day!!

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm with all the rest on the "Oh noooooo....April". How could they do this to us. I can't wait to hear about the project as well, and agree it's continuity (as if it were all about the cute guy my daughter would say "eww, gross mom". Will ck out the audio books (and covers. Hope all is well. Sabena

cs harris said...

Lynne and Veronica, I'm with you!

Ali, it is a bummer. I came close to throwing a fit when I first heard.

Sabena, I told them, "You don't understand how my readers are WAITING."

nana Qiu said...

I can't wait. It has been too long

harada57 said...
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