Friday, April 29, 2016


Before I started the Sebastian St. Cyr series, I wrote seven historical romances. The last four of those historicals will eventually be available again both as ebooks and in print. I'm beginning with WHISPERS OF HEAVEN, set in Tasmania in 1840, which was never available as an ebook. The Kindle release is this Monday, 2 May, but I will eventually get the other formats organized, too. Here is the cover copy:

“A wonderful novel rich in emotion” –New York Times bestselling author Jill Marie Landis

Tasmania, 1840: Jesmond Corbett returns home from school in London determined to conform to the expectations of her aristocratic family and marry the childhood companion to whom she is betrothed. But Jessie is a woman filled with restless longings and unacknowledged needs. And nothing in her sheltered life has prepared her for Lucas Gallagher, an Irish rebel doomed to a lifetime of suffering and humiliating servitude.

For Jessie’s island home is a place of brutal contradictions, its genteel lifestyle and gracious estates based on the soul-crushing labor of the convicts who toil under the British penal system. Haunted by a tragic past but fiercely proud, Gallagher has vowed to escape this living hell or die trying. But he can’t resist the dangerous desires stirred by the vital, troubled young woman to whose family he has been assigned. And although they know their love can have no future, the star-crossed lovers inevitably succumb to a forbidden passion that threatens to destroy both their lives and Gallagher’s last chance to reach for freedom.

Filled with the masterful blend of vividly drawn, memorable characters and high adventure for which Candice Proctor is renowned, here is a unforgettable tale of love and triumph that deftly combines the mannered elegance of Downton Abbey with the excitement and raw Australian beauty of The Thorn Birds.

“Rich, unusual, and classic—like reading Woodiwiss again for the first time.” New York Times bestselling author Jill Barnett.

And here is the Amazon link since the old Ballantine issue comes up first if you go to their site:


Lynne said...

Well, it sounds pretty darn exciting and tempting, too, as an e-book! I swore off too much romance in a book years ago because I always get weepy! I'm just a sap for stuff like that. (Yes, I even cry a little with Sebastian and Hero occasionally...) But I might make an exception because I'd love to read some of your older books. And that cover is really nicely done!

Charles Gramlich said...


cs harris said...

Lynne, I think this is my favorite of my earlier books. And yes, I do love the woman who did my covers! She's very talented and patient.

Charles, I can't believe how much work self-publishing is!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic cover. Hmmm, I kinda remember this one but I know i don't have it. Will definitely have to buy and re-read. 😃 Sabena

Ali said...

C- I have all the romance titles in paperback. I managed to get them via different websites and Amazon. I will have to add the ebooks to my collection. And I agree its great cover. I also really like this story. But I think my favorite is Night in Eden.

cs harris said...

Sabena, I do love this cover!

Ali, hopefully I'll eventually get to Night in Eden. I can't believe how much work and hassle this self publishing business is!

Ali said...

C-I can only imagine. But just got my ebook of Whispers in Heaven. I have to admit its great to be able to read on almost any device with the kindle and the kindle app!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

'Whispers of Heaven' is also my favorite of your early books and one of my favorite historicals (and I read a lot of them), with a beautiful love story, an interesting historical setting (I learnt a lot about the terrible realities of transportation in the 19th century), an always exiting plot and very lovable characters, so much more complex and interesting than they use to be in that kind of very eventful books. I liked the way you described Jesmond's gradual awakening to love and to the possibilities of a life far from the path that had been set for her. Lucas was a great hero, with the perfect mix of strength and vulnerability, brave and compassionate, but not without flaws and self doubts. And I liked in particular the fact that he often showed his emotions (I'm not very fond of impassive heroes). All the minor characters were very well drawn as well. And your descriptions of Australian landscapes are wonderful.But you also describe London very well in the Sebastian St Cyr series. I've just discovered it and I'm happy to know I already have so many books left to read.

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you’re starting to publish these as ebooks!!! When will the next ones come out?