Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Don't Worry, she said; I'll Find Homes for Them, she said...

Six years ago today, my daughter called on her way home from hiking in a national park to ask if I knew anything about cats having kittens. When I said, WHY? she admitted that an abandoned pregnant cat she'd rescued from the park was at that moment having kittens in the backseat of her car, barreling down the Interstate toward New Orleans.

My first thought was, Oh, God; I'm going to get stuck with them.

"Don't worry," she said. "I'll find homes for them," she said.

I guess I should be grateful her then-boyfriend took the mama cat and one of the four kittens when they amicably went their separate ways, otherwise I'd have all five. As it is....

Happy Birthday, Peanut, Roscoe, and Whiskies!


Beth said...

Cute pics. I especially like the one of the kittens nursing. :-)


Anonymous said...

Awww. They were so cute. Love Whiskies especially. Did he lose weight or is it an older picture? Sabena

Lynne said...

When I read the headline I admit it - I panicked? For one moment I thought another stray had adopted you and Steve. These guys are awfully cute, though! I'm glad you kept them around!

Charles Gramlich said...

She did find a home. Yours! :)

cs harris said...

Beth, nothing cuter than newborn kittens.

Sabena, the pic is a couple of years old. I'm afraid he's fatter than ever. I don't know what to do, since he lives with Nora who is fifteen and thin enough that I really can't restrict her diet.

Lynne, if it happened today, I would REALLY panic! Enough is enough.

Charles, she did indeed!

JustWingingIt said...

What beautiful fur babies you have. You should've known you were "doomed". But there are far worse things in life than being the recipient of unconditional love three times over. ;)


Shirley, in PA said...

They are so beautiful, and your daughter was wonderful in rescuing them all. Lots of love in your house obviously.

cs harris said...

Veronica, or six...

Shirley, they are goofy sweethearts, and I know if she hadn't rescued the mama, none of them would have survived.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Whiskies. He's lucky to have you guys and he is what he is....fluffy!!! I'm sure he's fine (if albeit a little slow). He's still one of our favorites. Sabena

Susan J. said...

They look very pretty, beautiful colours.

Anonymous said...

Candy - great story!! my mom rescued a kitten my little sister found in a local park. it had just been born and she brought it home and asked if she could keep it. Size of your palm. Mom said sure - it should live another 15 mins. (or something like that). Amy started crying and the next thing we knew they were on the way to the vet. We already had a Siamese but what the heck right. Needless to say Bogie became enormous and literally chased the local dogs away. He had a long and happy life from what i could tell. sometimes orphans get lucky!! Just like Peanut, Roscoe and Whiskies! Best, Ali

cs harris said...

Sabena, worry is in my DNA.

Susan, they are pretty. Just dumb. Poor prenatal nutrition, I guess.

Ali, that's a great story! How brave your mother was to take on a just-born kitten. There's a romance writer I've started following on Facebook who is raising a kitten brought it with the umbilical cord still attached, and it has all looked terrifying to me! He's now about 6-8 weeks old, so I think he's going to make it, but your mother must have been feeding baby Bogie around the clock at first. What a champ.

Susan J. said...

I wonder if you noticed my discussion with Suzanne on your last post and if so, what your opinion of it was? What do you think of the results of current genetic testing and archaeological research that dispute the received view of the Anglo Saxon conquering of Britain? I was actually disappointed with the results, I would rather be Anglo Saxon than Celtic but it seems that only a tiny minority in England actually have Anglo Saxon DNA. On the other hand, I rather like the idea of putting two fingers up to all the Scots, Irish and Welsh who think they are the only true Ancient British, when actually they are not! Most people in the British Isles are!

cs harris said...

Susan, I hadn't seen it, but just went and looked. I remember watching some program a while ago where they went around and DNA tested people in different parts of England and showed which had more Anglo Saxon vs. Celtic heritage, but I can't remember now whose work it was. It was fascinating. I'm such a mongrel, it's strange to me to think of families being in the same area for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Susan J. said...

Yes, I'm probably also a mongrel, as a large part of my family have been in London for generations and London has always been such a melting pot. However, it seemed a surprising result from the rest of the British Isles, to find such a low record of Anglo Saxon DNA, in comparison with earlier DNA. They were expecing Phil Harding to have some, as his surname has Saxon links but there was none. I mean, surely it disproves all the stuff about Anglo Saxons killing off all the Celts, except in the outer regions? I have to admit all that Celtic origin thing annoys me, even though I have Irish blood myself!

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