Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Off to London!

I'm off to London for the next two weeks. I'm taking my younger daughter, Danielle, with me. Steve gets to stay home and take care of the cats.

I must admit that after what happened to Indie while I was on my book tour, I'm going to worry about my old guys while I'm gone. Huck is 14 1/2 but hasn't been well for the last two years; Nora just turned 15: Angel is 16 1/2 and failing; and Thomasina is at least 17 and may be as much as 18 or 19.  So fingers crossed they'll be okay.

I used to go to England several times a year but haven't been since before I started writing the Sebastian St. Cyr series. This trip is all about Sebastian, with my list of "must see" places including such obscure sites as St. Helens Bishopsgate and the corner of Brook and Davies Streets. Expect lots of pictures when I get back!


Susan J. said...

What an atmospheric photograph, it even looks foggy! It reminds me of a Whistler painting, like the one he did of Battersea Bridge. Hope you have a lovely time.

Anonymous said...

candy - how awesome. i have not been to England in something like 15 years either. I hope you have fantastic trip. And you took the words right out of my mouth - take pictures!! I'm sure you will come back loaded with new locations and plots and villains! I will say a prayer for the geriatric ward. Good lord they are old. Safe travels and Bon Voyage! Best, Ali

JustWingingIt said...

It's a testament to how well you care for and love your fur babies that they have all reached their golden years.

Have fun in London! This should make for some special memories for you and your daughter. I look forward to seeing whatever pictures you choose to share with your readers when you return.

Safe travels!


Lynne said...

Oh, Candy - I'd give my right arm to be joining you. You're going to have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures, don't worry about the "children" and have fun with your daughter.

Rachel Walsh said...

Bon voyage! I'm dying to get to London one day. My husband and I did a twelve day stay in Paris a few years ago, and I'm thinking London will need at least that, if not more, when we get there.

Have a wonderful time treading in Sebastian's footsteps! :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

Enjoy. I'm envious

cs harris said...

Thanks, everyone!

And Susan, that's an example of Danielle's photography. She spent a semester in London as an undergrad and actually provided many of the pictures I've used in my book videos.

Susan J. said...

Your daughter is a talented photographer. Take some jumpers with you, the weather is cooler than normal at the moment, for the time of year. Might be warmer in London though, unlike windy Lincolnshire!

Susan/DC said...

My husband and I leave for a week in London on the 20th. He's there to attend a conference while I get to play tourist. Blog about any interesting sites, and maybe I'll get to see them while he's at work.

It's a sign of how well you've taken care of your feline children that they have been around to enrich your life for so long. Try not to worry too much but enjoy the time with your daughter.

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

Wow! So glad you have the chance to return and I hope you just enjoy the time with your daughter, the scenery ... just everything!

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