Tuesday, February 03, 2015

So This Arrived in Today's Mail...

Yes, it's a copy of WHO BURIES THE DEAD, hot off the press.

This time of year is always oddly unsettling because I'm dealing with three Sebastian books at once. This morning, I was busy plotting out Book # 12 (Where the Dead Lie), when my editor called to talk about the edits and cover conference for Book #11 (When Falcons Fall). Then the doorbell rings and it's the postman with boxes and boxes of #10, Who Buries the Dead, which is scheduled to be released the first Tuesday of next month.

I tend to get a little confused.

The good news is that my editor loves When Falcons Fall. She's the first person apart from my husband, Steve, who has read it, and he thinks it's the best book in the series so far (I think my own favorite is still Why Mermaids Sing....). But my editor agrees with him, so maybe he was on to something. And I'm sorry if that comes off sounding like teasing since y'all won't be seeing that book for another thirteen months, but it's such a wonderful feeling to know that the book works, and the Powers That Be are happy, and I'm not looking at a huge rewrite (which would be difficult given that I am gearing up to go on tour for Who Buries the Dead).

On other fronts, it's been so cold that we haven't been able to deal with our bee problem yet. And it's Mardi Gras time here in New Orleans again, so you know what that means.


paz said...

I guess you had a "back to the future" moment when those three books collided LOL

"Mermaids" is still my favorite too... To me it has so many visually memorable scenes -- the house fire; Hero's bloody dress; the "giant" breaking the bars to set Hero and Sebastian free; it just totally captured my imagination. It also offers a rich exploration of Hero's many contradictions. But all others are extremely close seconds, and I can't wait for the next one to arrive in my doorstep!

And I totally missed the deal with the bees. I would ask how it happened, but we already know that your home seems to have a homing beacons for all kinds of strays... so why not bees too?

paz said...

And I just realized that I was talking about "Serpents," and not "Mermaids"! I do love the back story to "Mermaids," with its rich historical context, and the serial killer aspect of it. Nevertheless, I will admit the tragedy of all those boys lost to "the sins of their fathers (and mothers)" makes it a little too sad to be #1.

cs harris said...

Paz, it did rather give me whiplash! And yes, MERMAIDS is sad, from so many different angles. I suspect my readers have a wide variety of favorite books in the series. The reviewers all went crazy for WHEN GODS DIE, which got a hat trick of starred reviews.

Lynne said...

How silly of me - I'm actually as excited as you are! I think that when the book arrives at the front door I would be beside myself - were you? So much goes into each book and you must be thrilled that it's finally in your hands. And I'll be thrilled when it gets to mine!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm getting behind. But that's ok. I like having some good reading in front of me.

JustWingingIt said...

It looks beautiful and I can't wait to get my hands on it! I'm seriously counting down the days.

I'm glad that When Falcons Fall seems to be an early hit, not that I had any doubts it would be otherwise. Still, it must be a nice feeling to know that you won't have to do any major work on it prior to it hitting the bookstores.

My personal favorite is SERPENTS, for all the reasons that Paz mentioned. That's the book where this series really and forever hooked me so it holds a special place for me.


Anonymous said...

OK, I admit serpents for me too. Wish me luck today. I fell while racing for the bus last week and need surgery to put in pins/plate on my left humerous right at my shoulder. The surgeon has promised me I'll be right as rain and able to go to your book signing on 3/7, you'll just have to see me in a sling still. To have 3 books going at once - how thrilling and yet horrifying (as you may let something slip). One more month...can't wait and reading boring books in the interim ;-P. Sabena

Anonymous said...

C-well i agree with you on Mermaids but that's because it was MY first Sebastian story. A friend gave me the paperback book and said "hey i think you might like this". and the rest is history. After i read it, i ran out and got the previous stories so i could start from the beginning. BUT, Serpents is super great. I think i have read that story a dozen times! Can't wait for Who Buries the Dead! And enjoy Mardi Gras. Everyone needs a break from 3 books!
Best, Ali

cs harris said...

Lynne, yes, it is a relief.

Charles, binge read!

Veronica, it does seem to be a lot of people's favorite.

Sabena, oh, good heavens; good luck indeed. Let me know how you're doing. And yes, I do worry about letting something slip. Something happens at the end of #10 that has a huge effect on #11, and I really need to watch myself.

Ali, yes the timing is good. It's awful when it comes at the race to finish a book.

Suzanne said...

It must be so exciting to see the box of books arriving and know that you did that! Only a few weeks to go now. It is getting so exciting.

Golly Sabena, that must have been awful. I hope you are doing OK and the sling can come off soon.

Susan J. said...

I agree with Charles Gramlich-I'm getting behind! I don't know what the hell you are all on about but I'm looking forward to number nine book, only twenty two days to go!

cs harris said...

Suzanne, the new hardcover always comes with a box of the paperback, too, so that my entry is filled with boxes of book!

Susan, that's right. You'll have to shut your ears (eyes) when people start talking about this book, because there's a huge game changer at the end you don't want to know about.

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