Tuesday, January 20, 2015


A wonderful starred review from Booklist:

When Stanley Preston, a wealthy merchant with family political ties, is found beheaded, Sebastian St. Cyr, Viscount Devlin, is called to help. While he's repelled that Preston's wealth came from slave labor on Jamaican plantations, Devlin is more concerned about such a murderer on the loose in London in 1813. Subsequent murders, including another beheading, appear linked to Preston's. Among the suspects is Sinclair, Lord Oliphant, former governor in Jamaica, who made Devlin the unwilling catalyst in the brutal murder of innocent women and children years earlier during the Napoleonic Wars, an incident that still haunts Devlin and makes Oliphant his sworn enemy. Another suspect is Preston's banker, Henry Austen, whose spinster sister, Jane, while helping to care for her gravely ill sister-in-law, displays her keen observations and wry wit to Devlin. As Devlin's personal life has become richer and fuller, with his deepening love for wife Hero and infant son Simon, so has this novel, the tenth in the series featuring St. Cyr. With such well-developed characters, intriguing plot lines, graceful prose, and keen sense of time and place based on solid research, this is historical mystery at its best. --Michele Leber


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Congratulations. What a wonderful review. Sabena

Lynne said...

If that review doesn't get us all reading I can't imagine what would! How fantastic!! I can hardly wait. I put my request in at the library hoping to be #1 but 2 people beat me to it. How dare they! In any event, March won't come a moment to soon. This book looks to be the best yet!

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

I'm with Lynne - March can't come too soon. The review is wonderful, and spot-on. Congratulations! Thank you for your dedicated, talented, exciting work.

Charles Gramlich said...


JustWingingIt said...

That is pretty awesome! Of course, it's nothing your fans (and Sebastian's and Hero's) didn't already know. Still, pats on the back and acknowledgements of a job well done are important especially when so well deserved. It only makes me more excited and impatient to read it! Congrats!


Suzanne said...

Congratulations!! That must have made your day. It is only just over a month now and I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

WooHoo! That is great. Congratulations and well deserved! Counting the days till I can read it myself. Best, Ali

cs harris said...

Thanks so much, everyone!

paz said...

Wow! Impressive review. Somebody really liked your book. Now, its our turn to like it. March can't arrive soon enough!

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